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Science Fiction Is Science Fact!

  • |05/07/2008 12:59 am

    The original TV shows, The Outer Limits and Twilight Zone, and there contemporary equivalents, The X-files and almost any show on the cable channel Sci-fi, have become the cornerstone of epistemological facts so intense it’s shocking> The eyes are probably centers of conscious all by themselves, and though a good science fiction novel by Ayn Rand or Issac Asimov serves a similar function in a different part of the mind, you may have to be better educated and/or experienced to be as lucid cerebrally as opposed to the more innately lucid eyes. I’m not suggesting an empirical/rationalism dichotomy, merely pointing out I suspect the current disposition of human life for some reason has a readily intensive ability to think with the eyes, possibly due to less intriguing information or knowledge to stimulate the more commonly thought version of the mind, the brain. Maybe we can literally see the light.
    When I saw an old Outer Limits about an alien who comes to the earth in human form and needs to make a lot of money quickly, he looks at a stock ticker electronic display and with his advanced race intellect figures how to make a massive fortune just by studying the stock prices and making trades. Three or four decades later, I was in the new Times Square in New York City, looking at what seemed to be a similar electronic tic, and theorized maybe I was this alien in a different lifetime doing what the alien does in the TV show on a factual basis. (you know, real life) I wasn’t thinking with my brain to form this conclusion, just my eyes.
    I reiterate that I know the human life form is advanced, though there is so much more, no matter how far we’ve come.
    However whatever the case may be, a current discussion of the paranormal may seem as limited as Descartes reasoning, or possibly we really have advanced to a new plateau of existence truly enriched. I think so> Let me know what you think.
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