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November 16, 2008 Upside of Depression 2.0.

  • |11/16/2008 04:04 pm

  • Is the US propelling the world into a Depression worse than the Great Depression? Though President George W. Bush thinks this is possible, I don’t. The way I see it there is too much real idealism in countries across the world, partly because of the internet and new technologies, partly because politicians and global citizens are pushing hard for a better life for us all. I know the news is awash with the financial crisis, but if you take it all into perspective and rule out thinking from the dark ages, you’ll know the world we’re living in today is radically different in so many ways, in a positive direction, that the very ideas that propel the recent boom-bust cycle has an upside that’s incredible!(endless money being made and really enlightening hi-tech for example) The upside is that if the earthy ideas that guide us, such as the internet and information revolutions, are fueling a breathtaking future for mankind then any man or woman worth their salt is in for a major surprise.
    On the cosmic side, no matter how eternal human life is, no matter if we turn out to be paranormal as hell, no matter what Johnny Rotten says, there’s going to be a future that will deny death its sting. It is important to realize that we must rise out of the morass of a zombie state if we’re going to have a way to understand the difference between existentialism and science fiction. Or maybe there should be a seamless interface between science and religion?
    I once wrote something I later found out Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had said many years ago, which makes it all the more special. TOMORROW IS TODAY!
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