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Desperate Depression_phase2.

  • |04/29/2008 02:09 am

  • There are several problems with the mood of the oligarchs today, as their political, economic rite of passage, seems at times too staid and stodgy, as if they think this future is just a drill, though they are ill prepared for it. Many positivist elements in the world stage today need to be examined if we are to avoid the politics of fear and endorse a new peace that builds on the new post World War II freedoms of the 50's. We are now in a post World War III peace of the 2000's, whereby their are endless pursuits of the enlightenment that have exploded all over the old guard and penetrated into the inner sanctums of the universal psyche.
    I think a lesson can be learned from something I went through with a friend today. She said her college professor had declared wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, off limits to quote in her studies, as it was, as she put it, accessible to anyone to post their take on any subject. When she challenged me to prove her wrong, I told her that wikipedia's editors edit out any substandard or incorrect contributions. Further, I told her her professor probably couldn't understand the comprehensive, visionary, modern and objective information presented on the site. This lack of vision is symptomatic of disorder and complacency, bucking a powerful trend in our current era to move to a truly enlightened world order.
    Another thing bothering me is the warnings from the executive director of the UN World Food Program concerning a "silent tsunami", a famine that is about to strike 1oo million people in virtually all the developing nations of the earth. This strikes me as odd because the allusions whereby we are currently in a Great Depression pattern, seems to me to disregard the real truth. I theorize we are in a Desperate Depression, inverse of the unifying greatness of the 20's and 30's, as we have all learned to make money from the last depression, but now are pushed even harder to find real meaning as across the board visionary dreams of the new world order must be realized, so that we can know the rewards of a real future instead of ambling around in the dark.
    Further, people like me, from all walks of life, are no longer accepting the status quo wisdom that things are as they've always been and that change has been incremental. An example of a new burgeoning vanguard elite is the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine that ousted an autocrat through peaceful use of the Internet. This new elite won't be stopped by accusations from the center-right, as they will for the first time in history be able to hit dead center, not with violent revolution as in a bygone eternity, but with a progressive energy to make a case for pure positivism.
    The people holding the reigns of power are afraid the real communist Red October revolution happened vast eternities ago. And that today's revolution will have all the complexity of the center-right, but in the ever important esoteric analysis, the cause of a peaceful future, no matter what war or technology it embraces, will say never again to a barbaric tradition.
    In the immortal words of Soto Sato: You wanted real Gaijin, you got it!

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