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Langston Hughes' "Harlem"


Marc Wolsky (Oct 23, 2012 3:04 PM)    

     I lived in the place in New York City known as Harlem from 1995 – 2002, which I know happens to be the Harlem in the title of Langston Hughes’ poem, “Harlem”. During those seven years, I knew this part of the city real well. I choose to regard this poem through the critical approach of Reader-Response Criticism, as I think my experiences resonate so well with the form and content of Hughes poem. Ironically, with the opening line: “What happens to a dream deferred?” (Hughes 1) I immediately identified with the content and theme this poet was relating; living in Harlem or that type of living arrangement and having to put your dreams on hold. If you were living there at the time this poem was written, 1951, or when I was living there, the condition of poverty and the seemingly impossibility of getting ahead is pervasive in the Harlem area of the city. This kind of neighborhood was often referred to as the “hood”, a euphemistic reference to a criminal wearing a hood and the end of the word neighborhood. This is an important point because often the mindset of persons residing in a Harlem type neighborhood, whether they are criminal or “street” regardless of whether they were born into a crime family or were just poor, is that they always want to get out of the old neighborhood into a new way to live. In the second through tenth lines, Hughes is describing through imagery and symbolism the deplorable conditions of the ghetto. With his imagery of: “…fester like a sore- / And then run?” (Hughes 4-5), “…crust and sugar over-“, (Hughes 7) I was living through my experience of Harlem and my wish to get out of the neighborhood. But the poverty of Harlem can also be its charm, as the down trodden can be influenced to live better and achieve the “dream deferred” (Hughes 1) at some point in the future. The symbol of the working class ghetto life, a truck being loaded in: “Maybe it just sags / like a heavy load” (Hughes 9-10) suggests the grittiness of the work ethic of the ghetto; and not to forget where you came from, suggesting you can profit from the experience of struggling to get out of a poor area.

     In the end of the poem, when Hughes asks about the dream deferred: “Or does it explode?” (line 11) I believe he is referring to the ghetto ethic of exploding on the scene of your dream achieved.


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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Barnaby Ruhe's Opening in New York, New York

Thursday night at a chic little gallery on west 20 street in Manhattan I was ecstatic when I saw the work of artist Barnaby Ruhe. Not only couldn't I believe the calibre of his art, but the world of glamour was all around me. My writer/curator friend Lee M. Klein was there, and I met an upcoming alternative rock singer named Anne.
After we were done with the opening, we went with Barnaby to his artist's loft. I saw even more amazing pieces there, but felt obligated to minimize my material greed and assert my artists integrity, not taking photos there.
Following are photos from the opening...the guy with the beret is Barnaby Ruhe.

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Most recent poems I wrote under the pename: Nakajima99


Huston, This Is Mars
Ayn Rands ghost shadow walked homeless the streets of New Yorkaise searching for his unique Martian lineage, in neo human form, seeing the Mars 2112 nightclub in the light of his solitary existence on earth with its matching Mars 2121 club.
A prophetic dragon’s dream vision propelled him to new metro run blitzing off into a million light year fun. Under the cover of God’s saintly prayer for the masses vanguard psyops persona, he felt tested as an Enigma Cross of Changes, Saint Lucia of the CIA.
The American and British Roswells, just another hi-tech high…till years later I realized all the sci-fi/sci-fact of my youth, and realized that because a real future is part of eternity for once, my dearly departed Papa Jeune’s fear the world will Armageddon disappear is gone. I know it’s hard>but it’s better this way>Word!
By Marc R. Wolsky
aka/BB Ultra
(my blog website)
© 2011 Nakajima99 (All rights reserved)





The Gray of the Wall
They lined up like soldiers in the Confederacy, stern faces eternally
scanning the universe for infinite resolution of chaos and conflict,
feeling awe inspiring harmony as blocks of stone against a grain of
sand. No mere expression of doubt, the Men of the Gray stood
immobile against the Oligarchy hourglass! Their clothes, half
spacesuit, half pajamas. Clinical and whimsical, their ancient creed
always new.
Line up against the wall or the Gray will pull you out of the line-up.
Join the Men of the Gray.

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© 2011 Nakajima99 (All rights reserved)


Timeless Beauty
I didn't think I was aging a day
Yet my new bald spot gave it away.
I remember my Peter Pan attitude
from my youth, to my present age,
eclipsing that truth.
As I grew up, I would observe the
gray people of the world and wonder
how I could avoid the grave...They say God saves,
I say God is a machine and keep my image clean.
On the odyssey of my life, doors
magically open and close, leaving me to
be happy in my older life.

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© 2011 Nakajima99 (All rights reserved)



Rogue Trader
Armed to the teeth, lawyer's
brief...the James Bond and Che Guevara of finance strike up a
tune to $1.7 million and $7.2 billion.

The US and French doubling
cube chants future and capital, twisting
as colossus titanium
scorched concrete alloy.

Get it straight granite face,
I'm a human torch. Since the 1.7 and
the 7.2 exponentiate at an infinite
calculus rate as the Stasi and
IBM sacrifice low grade ore for
hi-tensile strength.

Per chance to dream a 9/11
scheme, without the Silicon Alley-gate, else there go your

Welcome to my Titan-Siberian dreams.

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© 2011 Nakajima99 (All rights reserved)





three point five synthetic ruby reality
ellipsis of ellipsis lying awake by the bonsai tree,
happiness as my last cup of brasserie wine is awakened by ultra psyche lime.

no ambience lacking industrial strength, i buy tomorrow with 100 corporation warrants.
dispel the myth she was an erudite wonderkid, not a wooded nymph...
such a high call to our winter song, waiting on the event horizon for the
IRA/CIA peace dirge to sing as a Papillon chanson!

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© 2011 Nakajima99 (All rights reserved)








The call for reason, endless as
a bullet in my brain, incarcerated in
the fruitless Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.
Lying on the unknown footing of an
antiutopian dream. Littered on this
mindscape is the perpetual nod I feel
toward accepting the more complicated
I don't want to go to
Hollywood with this one, not even
the CIA and the damned president. I
want it clear if there are no
aliens up there, they must be
down here.
The humanity is in the details.

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© 2011 Nakajima99 (All rights reserved)












Friday, August 10, 2012

Jason Bourne in the Real World!!!

Just saw The Bourne Legacy. Guess you have to like "the real world of espionage"(a la Times Square: Spy Exhibition) to enjoy this cinema. I thought Aaron Cross, the latest in rogue agents, was intrigueing & the tie-in to Jason Bourne at the end of the movie, with Pamala Landy exposed as conspiring with Bourne with her release of classified Treadstone information, and Noah Visen testifying about Bourne at a congressional hearing was pretty cool. I wonder if there's some kind of real world incidence of Pamala Landy's expose that takes the form of the NY Times recent release of actual classified US intelligence information. My favorite one of these NY Times classified intel releases was the one in the June issue of the NY local hardcopy paper which details Stuxxnet, Duqu and the Wipe cyberspy/cyberwar internet programs in the guise of some sort of real world tie-in to Jason Bourne!!! Note, this Duqu-Jason Bourne article is on the first page of the NY Times buisness section. Look it up in the following link, I dare you.
~Marc Wolsky aka/the Illuminati