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March 10, 2009 Wall Street Dough Rising!

  • |03/10/2009 04:41 pm

  • OK, so the principles of derivative options trading is steeped in a financial tradition that is humanitarian and cut-throat capitalist. And they are constantly berated by the press, politicians and the non financial general public as being nothing but robber barrons who seemingly just acquire material wealth irrationally. The reason you may suspect the world's major finance markets of being incomprehensibly greedy is because you aren't privy to "inside information", the top secret profit formulas coveted by corporate execs. This secret info, along with new quant formulas, are often talked about in the press as dead giveaways to wrongdoing.
    It's not so, the global financial sector is really geared not only to the future of our species, they also present an effective counterpoint to a collective poverty by making people truly wealthy and therefore by definition promoting a world order whereby things are truly civilized, with an ever exponential future principle covering the more esoteric aspects of life, such as a future where the full impact of hi-tech surfaces constantly.
    Before you say "yeah, right", let me tell you that the real lore of Wall Street has core ideas like the Internet/Information Age & Revolution, the unthinkable and more. Another words the image they present of being vip's who really capitalize on truly erudite principles which are rewarding both in material and spiritual wealth is the truth. Further this finance culture with it's intertwining government involvement, endorses the more esoteric idea of science fiction come true. I used to work on Wall Street, I know!
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    PS: I realize this piece is somewhat too ideological, but maybe from my standpoint in my life as a poor/rich man the ideas herein are sound. But in an age with diverse, conflicting ideas, like the relationship between real hi-tech and CIA rendition, my overview speaks more to the idea of future history and overcoming angst by seeing the world crawl from the ashes of war into a new day. Good, but I was born with all the advantages and disadvantages, so maybe my personal standpoint is unique, enriched by a lack of bourgeoisie fear of tomorrow.

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