Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MoMA | The Collection | Barry Le Va. Diagram for Two Separate Installlations Combined into One Installation in 2 Perspectives. 1982

MoMA | The Collection | Barry Le Va. Diagram for Two Separate Installlations Combined into One Installation in 2 Perspectives. 1982

I've been friends with the famous Barry Le Va for many months now and I can tell you he has as dynamic a repertoire of visual art as his personality! He told me he has sold many works of art at the Museum of Modern Art for exorbitant prices, so I told him I'd like to go to MoMA to view his art...he said the museum circulates art too much to see it. So I wikipediaed him and found a link to some of his MoMA of his pieces was a devastatingly expressive masterpiece(the link at the top of this page will take you directly to this piece) , so I decided to feature him here on my site.
That's my ultra state report for now.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

High-Frequency Trading, The Future & Occupy Wall Street!

High-Frequency Stock Trading Catches Regulators’ Eyes -
I guess high-frequency trading and the like is exactly what the Occupy Wall Street is protesting. But I think the real issue goes much deeper. I still maintain we need to have a real insight into how humanity is moving into the future. I think the real answer is in technological and epistemological breakthroughs that will leave us on lucid and safer high ground. Somehow the protesters' ambiguous aims show they are just as clueless as most of us. More to the point is my perception that we are at a crossroads where the pressure of eons of our species searching for answers is bearing down on us all.  Perhaps the real importance of Orwell's 1984 novel is to give us a sense of the gravity of this futuristic pressure, forcing us to enlist a rational and empirical overview, countering existential fallacies. The problem with existentialism is that it is escapist, and encourages us to relieve our anxieties by compromising our integrity by giving up on trying to find a life of reason meaningful. Reality has a rational cosmic order as it's cornerstone, and if we don't know this we wrongly assess things in psychosis. 
Rationalism and empiricism are really important tools to understand things clearly, and are stepping stones to transcend the drudgery of the modern day with a positivist outlook. Sure the people on Wall Street are guilty to some degree of unethical and illegal activities, but in the larger picture they are really more like masters of the universe, moving as a masses/vanguard in a rational mainstream!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Real Hope For A Tomorrow Today?

Monkey Brain Control: The Future of Robotic Prostheses?
It's always good to hear encouraging words telling us that the future is real. Particularly in concrete, empirical terms. The article in the above link explains a futuristic breakthrough which implies not only that we may soon be able to develop cyborg capability in humans, but the more important idea that we may soon live in a day and age which is as technologically advanced as cutting edge science fiction.
The world is often adrift with a plague of negativism even by the most careful adherents to doctrinaire ideas. If we capture the spirit of our time and incorporate our yearning for a sci-fi world with our down to earth spiritual side, we may transcend a rough era of man where we are challenged to come up with an infinite world...a world where we would conceptualize and materialize in a dimension so fantastically futuristic, even Jean Paul Sartre would learn to smile.