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December 10, 2008 It's A Wonderful Life!.

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  • Ok, I feel I must play a positivist card to offset world economic fears. The global recession, or depression in a very real way is just a matter of perception. Though the World Bank and others think things haven’t been this bad since the Great Depression, they aren’t taking into account some very important factors.
    In the old cold war that gripped the world in a doomsday mentality, there were many benefits to this hawkish attitude. However, the resulting ominous rumblings of the military/industrial complexes lead many to believe there was no way out of the war, simply because it fueled an economy and way of life that did miraculous things for us all. Perhaps so, yet the war effort was only a stepping stone toward a better way of life I feel is inherent in the 21 st century.
    During the old cold war there was a staid perception that the doomsday pattern would keep life on an even keel, partly a compromise, due to the desperation of the Great Depression and also because mankind thought life was good enough and people shouldn’t risk another depression.
    Fortunately, the world we live in today has learned many, many things. Even if we seem to be in the grips of a new depression, I think that perception might be off the mark. Really, you have to have comprehensive access to current information and some sort of education to see the answers more clearly.
    There are factors such as futuristic technology and ideals that make the difference. We have the technology and political will to change the world overnight. Today it was reported that a real plan to have a moratorium on all nuclear weapons stockpiles has entered has entered into mainstream politics. Something considered radical in the old cold war.
    I realize there’s still a new cold war being fought, but maybe there’s a new humanist spirit that has developed to make a fear of war and poverty obsolete soon enough. I leave you with the thought that Hollywood movies often seem to me to mirror life. If you take movies seriously you might develop the keen insight that there’s nothing like a good ending.
    So blow out the candles on your cosmic cake which celebrates your timeless age and remember, there really is a future Johnny Lydon!

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