Saturday, July 16, 2011

October 30, 2008 From Osama's Inner Circle: Peaceful Jihad.

10/30/2008 08:31 pm
Osama bin Laden's media head, who would be responsible for Al Qaida's image as well as media fed to new recruits in Al Quaida's training camps, and a member of Osama's inner circle, he is presently cooling his heels at Guantanimo while being tried for these type of terrrorist activities. What I find indicative of a 21st century future is that his prison stay has brought his mind to a more enlightened place, as he said that he now practices jihad by pen and not by his body. This seems to mean I think that since in the US freedom of expression is a sacred right, that the man is practicing peaceful jihad! A little westernisation of the Islamic man. The yin-yang chi is good.
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