Saturday, July 16, 2011

November 06, 2008 President Bush:True Conservative's Socialist Legacy!.

  • |11/06/2008 07:32 pm

  • As US President G.W. Bush leaves office, I hope the world will understand that he will have an outstanding and enduring legacy, including introducing socialism in real terms for the first time in US history. Not only did it take a lot of guts and integrity for many of his policies and moves during his presidency, but his positive impact is only starting to be understood.
    Though the media has often painted Bush as an unpopular president, I say that's just plain bs. Many times the true nature of historical figures in history only comes to light when the facts are known and can be correctly assessed. A real analysis only comes as we become more enlightened, giving us a more accurate perspective.
    I always had the highest regard for President Bush's handling of the Intelligence Community, but he really surprised me with his socialization policy in regards to the US financial sector. He really hit the mark that time, as having a socialist yet conservative policy in private business will probably leave us not only with terms of endearment from countries abroad, it will transform the US into a vibrant people ready for the challenge of a global effort, on par with the likes of France in regards to being in a haute couture mode!

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