Saturday, July 16, 2011

December 24, 2008 Israeli Wall.

  • |12/24/2008 07:26 am

  • Israeli Peace Gets Down to Brass Tacks! Israel just made operational an Israel wall to stop Palestinian terrorists and Hammas from invading Israel. The Arabs now will be barbarians @ the gate because of this Israeli version of the Great Wall of China. When I first read about it in the newspaper I thought if Israel did build this 21 st century security fence, it better have advanced techniques and armaments in the final design. With vision. I’ve seen the now operational final draft and hope ferverently it stabilizes the world peace process for Israel. I prayed at a Lubivitch for humanity and the Jewish people in the summer of 2007. Thank You God!
    O’ and thanx to the police state and Big Brother!
    >BB Ultra

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