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Anti-Jihad Thoughts From An Anti-Hero!.

05/28/2008 11:47 pm
I must confess, unlike the allegedly Morroco born Belgium reared, Maliki El Aroud, who from her Jihadist exploits and Belgium intelligence community association seems to be more of a French intelligence agent & French citizen born in France, I do not profess to live dangerously and to intellectually or any other way support Jihad. There is I believe real problems with this kind of identity. They tend to make all the miraculous things afforded the world today in the form of hi-tech and haute couture, as a mere excercise in an arcane form of fatalism going back to existential regard of life as pointless, and therefore without resposibility. I prefer to understand that human life is meaningful, perhaps fully in our modern world. I realize the Internet is exploited by radicals as this 48 year old woman, and they are called dangerous, which annoys me as only the enlightened are really dangerous. That's where I come in, to set the record straight and reveal all facets of life, especially the one about peace being the most dangerous weapon of all, not Allah!
Inherent in lifes' struggle is a striving for true peace, whether it be by laissez faire Republican communists or starry-eyed dreamers, is that peace in its purest form is sancrosanct. It's very hard to know the true value of advanced civilization unless you really know what your talking about, otherwise you'll end up like a misguided terrorist or, a rogue nation as most or all of earth's nations are today, including the US.
I'm telling you this because there really is free will, you don't have to blindly follow the leader, all you need to get started is to learn real answers. To realize all living things are unique ace cosmology so you'll have a sound epistemological basis for comprehensive thought, which is the only way to acknowledge fact and not deny truth.
In this context, this Jihad crazed girl I've mentioned because she is symptomatic of a world order that no longer can trance music to arcane beliefs...if she is as I guess French intel, this kind of worldview cannot go on without a real transformation.
To sum up: It is the light and not the dark where the real power is!
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