Saturday, July 16, 2011

Huston, This Is Mars.

  • |05/16/2008 12:58 am

  • Ayn Rand's ghost shadow walked homeless the streets of Newyorkaise searching for his unique Martian lineage, in neo human form, seeing the Mars 2112 nightclub in the light of his solitary existence on earth with its matching Mars 2121 club.
    A prophetic dragon’s dream vision propelled him to new metro run blitzing off into a million light year fun. Under the cover of God’s saintly prayer for the masses vanguard psyops persona, he felt tested as an Enigma Cross of Changes, Saint Lucia of the CIA.
    The American and British Roswells, just another hi-tech high…till years later I realized all the sci-fi/sci-fact of my youth, and realized that because a real future is part of eternity for once, my dearly departed Papa Jeune’s fear the world will Armageddon disappear is gone. I know it’s hard>but it’s better this way>Word!
    By Marc R. Wolsky
    aka/BB Ultra

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