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November 11, 2008 Female US soldiers expected to fight as soldiers.

  • |11/11/2008 07:37 pm

  • I finally nailed down information on whether females in the current US military are in a combat role. They are. They are expected by their superior officers to fight in combat because they are soldiers.(you know, I kind of expected as much because of the role of females in counterespionage activities in Special Ops/CIA prisons) Like many of the positions in today's world, sometimes a premonition of these firefight facts for example, lead one to recognize the distant future right along side tomorrow. Today's world in this light, seems to have the kind of positivistic angle I'm looking for, as US female combatents and black/white Presidants seem to be truly progressive. I reiterate, a long time ago, I saw the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" on the silver screen and have held my breath ever since then wondering if I would ever see such a future...Hmmmm, I think I know!
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