Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nuclear Proliferation and Iran.

  • |07/13/2008 01:59 am

  • The problem with Iran's determination to be a nuclear power is that in it's present condition it is nothing but a barbaric monstrosity. Iran's worse sin is dragging the world down into a mindset that believes in arcane principles, like might makes right. On it's best day, Iran practices genocide and torture on it's own citizens.<unlike America's CIA, the Iranians don't use textbook torture, their rule of thumb is all out violence is the only thing that works>
    Listen, the world is a good place and Iran would have you believe different. What bothers them is a consensus by today's global illuminati that we are poised on the start of a very different world, a world totally futuristic. Don't believe Iran's lie they haven't built or aren't going to build nuclear weapons>they have or will. But that's no reason to get upset, we should support Israel and the US in an airstrike to destroy Iran's nuclear weapon capability. Only in this way can we make a concrete and moralistic distinction between the real world where people live for a better life unfettered by naysayers who would have you think different.
    The US, Russia and many other nations represent the real world...Iran's leaders' vision is only a pipe dream!

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