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  • |05/04/2008 04:00 pm

  • I grew up in the shadow of the cold war and economic recession. The news of the day often was about the tragedies of governmental ineffectiveness, economic instability, terrorist-like movements and governments, and endless crime, without the safety net of a better world as we have today.
    I feel that though there are many problems we still face, the resources we have developed as a result of the rocket science mentality of the cold war, peace movements, futurism inspiring a more erudite outlook on life, more and more a futuristic style of life has emerged. The news of the day is not only promising, the level of erudition, both spiritual and material, has lead us to an era of true enlightenment whereby the merest of dreams is possible.
    The subject of a futuristic today is novel to anyone born in the 20th century. The followup of the Great Depression, something I like to call the desperate depression of the latter half of the 20th century, kind of says to my mind that enduring truths crystallized into a space age, where things are real sci-fi futuristic. Even as a real futurist I'm impressed.
    The advancement of a truly futuristic society depends on there being an ongoing forum to air ideas, which is part of the reason I write on this theme. If you look at the delicious post associated with this blog, you'll see examples of Internet sites loaded with futuristic news.
    I understand that the world today seems to still be in an all out war, with poverty and ignorance as a seemingly chaotic and destructive force as ever. But I'm more of a middle class civilian observer, who feels that armed with a high degree of objectivity I can see this better world unfold right before my eyes.
    Like I always say: TOMORROW IS TODAY!
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