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Entry for May 23, 2008 Big Brother Biometrics.

  • |05/23/2008 12:26 am

  • “We were proud to collaborate with the FBI on the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, the largest system in the world of its type,” said Judy Marks, president, Lockheed Martin Transportation and Security Solutions. “We’re tremendously pleased to partner with the agency once again to deliver the next quantum leap in capability.”
    The NGI system will expand fingerprint capacity, doubling the size of the current database, and will now also include palm prints, iris and facial recognition capabilities. Additionally, the system requires a significant degree of technical flexibility in order to accommodate other biometric modalities that may mature and become important to law enforcement efforts in the future.
    <The above is an excerpt from the Lockheed Martin Corporation's website...since they sent me a press release covering this subject, I feel empowered to release it to you>
    >For a link explaining "biometrics" exactingly, go to the following link:

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