Saturday, July 16, 2011

October 27, 2008 No Depression2.0 or Recession!.

  • |10/27/2008 04:28 pm

  • Though we became cozy in the West with secure finances, the Chinese for example, make tons of money because of the volatility of their markets and economy in general. I think today's volatility in the DJIA, while remaining flat, means the industrialised nations can be revolutionary and remain stodgy.
    Further, I think it's funny Time magazine's Oct. 13 issue had an article describing a possible new Great Depression scenario they call Depression 2.0, as they also said things about avoiding another depression I had said in this weblog months ago. They feel that sovereign wealth funds for example, may be one of the factors in avoiding a depression or perhaps recession.(which I pretty much said here a while ago) They also detailed a perception that a depression is not in the cards because unlike 1929 when the US government did nothing to help the buisness world, today there are massive infusions of cash coming from the US to buisness.
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