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June 15, 2009 It's a new day, a new dawn!.

Only I can see this
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  • My explaination for the current economic and political woes is simply that we've reached a climatic moment in our starry-eyed revery whereby we realize the human race can really reach for the platinum merry-go-round ring! Yeah, all those eternities(literally) paying off with endless dreams of seeing a profound meaning to life...despite all the heartache it brings, the real essence of the human condition never gave up on being the best they could possibly be.
    There are signs of it everywhere, we're really changing direction. Out of an eternal morass the human race is rising to the occasion. Next time you think about yourself in terms of money and government put some of this kind of profound spin in your mind and maybe some future that used be relegated to sci-fi novels and movies may come alive for you.
    The world stage, in the end, is only a fight for good against evil, a fight of the future against the past. So maybe if as I've said the good side won, maybe you'll be able to see it with your bare eyes!
    -BB Ultra

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