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Entry for July 14, 2008-ICC Puts Pressure On Sudan's President To Halt Genocide.

07/14/2008 08:24 pm
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  • The New York Times online reported a few moments ago that the International Criminal Court's prosecuter has formally asked for an arrest warrant for Sudan's President Bashir. The charges are crimes against humanity, genocide and other crimes, including warcrimes. I think the important point here is that Bashir is a sitting head of state, putting pressure on all government heads of state to act accordingly when it comes to addressing humanitarian issues, as the ICC is a judicial body concerned with ethnicity, which these days applies to almost anything. It is as I thought, the tide of a global concern for international law will bring new dignity to the idea of a more humanitarian ideal for the human race. However, I as always also endorse the idea of soveriegn national status, though only if integrated with a global sovereign identity as well.
    The ICC is known to have global jurisdiction, just as it's cousin at the UN, the International Court of Justice. The difference may be the ICC is not bogged down by UN politics as is the ICJ. This independence may make the ICC hard hitting with teeth behind it's judgement of international criminals. Or maybe the two courts will work in tandem. Anyway, it has been noted the ICC can have major leverage in alleviating and pressuring war criminals such as President Bashir. I hope these courts go after the president of Iran, as I demonstrated at the UN with Iranian dissidents protesting his governments genocide and torture policies.
    To sum up briefly>This kind of news supports the idea of a global legitimacy which ideally will integrate both the international and national agendas toward the end of not only peace, but a futuristic tomorrow which is just as gritty an ideal as peace.
    May the best star wars scenario win!

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