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humanitarian pursuits of CIA rendition program.

  • |05/15/2008 05:30 pm

  • CIA Interrogations: The Humanist Psychological Warfare Mix

    If you look carefully at today’s hi-tech future, you realize that life is truly precious, as we now have the capability to advance beyond the aims of the space age and become true futurists. Instead of just eeking it out in a survival pattern we are learning things that we used to attribute to fictional Martians. We’re living in an age when penultimate success is the buzz word, instead of just holding the line.
    As a result of this heightened sense of reality, a more positivist norm is realized.
    Hidden in President Bush’s anti-terrorist program is the transformation of an ultra conservative politician, who reacts to the age we’re in with a neocon message.
    In the old cold war the Russians, East Germans, Chinese and Japanese seemed to me to have a more glamorous position than the Americans. They would be the ideologues while America would have material wealth. But now the US has ideological culture and these glam nations have wealth, while these five nations retain their positions in regards to their former ideology and wealth. It’s been said President Bush welcomed 9/11 as his World War III Pearl Harbor. Well I think that’s good, as it worked out well for the world back in the 1940’s. This historical angle between the struggle of two socio-economic depressions and ideology/materialistic world wars gives us a more clear analysis of why today’s cold war, the new cold war, holds such a powerful sway.
    The futuristic achievements of today are the stuff of heresy and fiction of yesteryear. It’s important to note that if such sci-fi classics as George Orwell’s “1984” really happened in some sense, than maybe the textbook torture by the CIA in this après 9/11 climate is more of a way to instruct those from lesser ideals. You see the interrogation techniques of the CIA are much like those of O’Brian interrogating Winston Smith in the state ministry. We realize that there are state secrets that somehow need to remain in a doublethink mode>For example growing up, I thought Adolf Hitler was a positivist force of the future while at same time a violent politician. The key to understand the issues here is to understand how to resolve the yin/yang or dialectic into a positive chi or synthesis.
    It took faith to believe in the 2003 Iraq War, as such things as the ill treatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison scandal was like Smith at his state ministry torture interrogation. But today’s detainees are treated in a strictly humanist way, including an education that includes reading Arabic so they can make there own interpretations of the Koran. In this way they're rehabilitated and don’t feel they should blow themselves up for the glory of God, enabling them to ride the future wave like anyone else!

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