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Entry for July 21, 2008...Ode to Dr. Sidney Gottlieb.

  • |07/21/2008 10:01 pm

  • Dr. Strangelove’s Epitaph!
    OK, so my impenetrable, esoteric inscrutability makes it hard to understand me. Let me set you straight…the world rocks back and forth between the right and wrong road, kicking up sparks of meaning along the way…there’s the Trans Europe Express and NASA giving us clues to our existence. The Express guides us through the glamorous but staid universal route, while the Space Agency is the way for more adventurous space cowboys. The former has all the comforts of Buckingham Palace, but none of the pure energy of science fiction.
    A long time ago<today>, there was planet Earth and the human race. For once we are all bound on the universal journey to a dream bounded only by our own individuality. Keeping the focus on me, my individuality leaves no stone unturned.
    With this kind of thinking, we cut to the chase and expand our horizons by seeing things on a steadier keel. It is my opinion that statecraft, as it is practiced in the advanced nations of the world, which now includes China and India for example, is going to push the decaying hulk of backward fascism as is practiced in Iran and other nations right off the map. With the might of the G8 and other newly advanced nations, fighting for a future with so much security, wisdom and material wealth, as to warm the heart of the hard working people who have been looking for the answers forever!
    Next year, I’ll be 50, and believe me, after all I’ve been through I can sense immortality for the masses and their noble leaders.

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