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A List of My Posts - A Must Read For Any True Intellectual!.

  • |08/01/2008 11:58 pm

  • If you want a real sense of the modern worlds top spies, and their impact on history, in terms of 1985: The Year of the Spy>This is a must read. - 3 weeks ago I also think it's important to draw parallel insights between The Year of the Spy in both 2006 and 1985! A lot happened in '85 and 2006...
    "Report: Government's Cyber Security Plan Is Riddled With New Spying Programs" It's funny, the United States entry into the totalitarian game through executive directive sounds great. Like the Soviets say in "The Hunt For Red October" movie, President Bus - 2 months ago I hope you will treat the information in this link objectively. When I say totalitarian, I mean the down to earth, cosmic variety of order. It takes something like this to unearth the future mechanism...
    This article about Societe General's rogue trader proves conclusively my allegations of what really took place! That there was at least $86.7 billion involved in Jerome Kerviel's trades & the people with Kerviel at the bank knew the trades were illegal, - 2 months ago This article was written by alert, and therefore 100% reliable.
    Technical analysis of "The Unthinkable" in 2007 by The New Yorker magazine - 2 months ago this article will give you a familiarity with the impact of the inconcievable event that someone would change the course of human history in an Armaggedon scenario. this idea shows there is a current ...
    Comprehensive encylopedia definition of a computer security) - 3 months ago Hacker ( the gui @ bottom of definition is where full treatment of subject is
    This is my Nakajima99 site - 3 months ago Area 51 from the standpoint of the gray - 3 months ago approaching the Skunkworks @ Groomlake, Nevada as a UFO (Identified Flying Object) starbase for Grays will safeguard you against the false bravado of the world's Oligarchys...
    President GW Bush and President V Putin Reuters video in Paris - 4 months ago In light of Wednsday, 4/2/08 NATO keynote speech by President Bush, this is truly historic occasion for America and Russia!
    documentary videos of 9/11 said to be irrefutable debunk of gov't sponsored conspiracy - 4 months ago CNN and MSNBC newscasts looked very real to me!
    The X-Files movie sequeal alleging 9/11conspiracy - 1 day ago new X-Files movie videos

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