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January 31, 2009 A Post Depression 2.0 World!.

  • |01/31/2009 07:20 pm

  • Some of the attendees of the current World Economic Forum in Davos participated in a U.N. refugee simulation where these world leaders went through somethng akin to torture resistant training in the U.S. These political and buisness leaders went through a U.N. simulation which would put them in the position of the world's refugees...the U.N. tried to make it as close to the real thing as possible.
    This is progress yet again asserting itself-just when everyone is getting tired of the economic, political international situation, a humanist factor, perhaps having to do with the end of "world war III" and Depression 2.0 brings about yet another humanitarian economic miracle, similar to the rebirth of the world after the end of World War II and an end to the Great Depression.
    What do I mean by this? It means the human race is once again breaking from the staid pattern of buisness as usual, that we're living the starry-eyed futuristic dream, optimizing the talents of our infinite species. Toward the end of providing the clairvoyance to indicate a strategic initiative by my readers to adopt a science fiction attitude while accepting the blessings of Christ, I risk being seemingly speculative. Though I'm an atheist, I do know there's an inanimate machine called God. Please understand it's easy to assert yourself and acknowledge cosmic fact.(the kind that is absolutely true and doesn't breakdown as do some facts gleaned from the scientific method)
    Don't be half-assed when it comes to such a dream, as realistically it's all we have.
    Semper Fi comrades, BB Ultra

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