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Entry for April 07, 2008 DRAGON'S DREAM by Chris Foss.

04/07/2008 09:48 pm
The above image is by Chris Foss. I first saw it in his book: Dragon's Dream. The images by Foss inspired in me a focus for cosmic thought. They served as a blueprint for me to comprehend rationally non-fiction/sci-fi magazines and books, such as Scientific American and Asimov's Foundation Series. I've always felt that Foss pulls the facade down from reality, putting me in sharp focus to see how life really is!

Desperate Depression_phase2.

  • |04/29/2008 02:09 am

  • There are several problems with the mood of the oligarchs today, as their political, economic rite of passage, seems at times too staid and stodgy, as if they think this future is just a drill, though they are ill prepared for it. Many positivist elements in the world stage today need to be examined if we are to avoid the politics of fear and endorse a new peace that builds on the new post World War II freedoms of the 50's. We are now in a post World War III peace of the 2000's, whereby their are endless pursuits of the enlightenment that have exploded all over the old guard and penetrated into the inner sanctums of the universal psyche.
    I think a lesson can be learned from something I went through with a friend today. She said her college professor had declared wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, off limits to quote in her studies, as it was, as she put it, accessible to anyone to post their take on any subject. When she challenged me to prove her wrong, I told her that wikipedia's editors edit out any substandard or incorrect contributions. Further, I told her her professor probably couldn't understand the comprehensive, visionary, modern and objective information presented on the site. This lack of vision is symptomatic of disorder and complacency, bucking a powerful trend in our current era to move to a truly enlightened world order.
    Another thing bothering me is the warnings from the executive director of the UN World Food Program concerning a "silent tsunami", a famine that is about to strike 1oo million people in virtually all the developing nations of the earth. This strikes me as odd because the allusions whereby we are currently in a Great Depression pattern, seems to me to disregard the real truth. I theorize we are in a Desperate Depression, inverse of the unifying greatness of the 20's and 30's, as we have all learned to make money from the last depression, but now are pushed even harder to find real meaning as across the board visionary dreams of the new world order must be realized, so that we can know the rewards of a real future instead of ambling around in the dark.
    Further, people like me, from all walks of life, are no longer accepting the status quo wisdom that things are as they've always been and that change has been incremental. An example of a new burgeoning vanguard elite is the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine that ousted an autocrat through peaceful use of the Internet. This new elite won't be stopped by accusations from the center-right, as they will for the first time in history be able to hit dead center, not with violent revolution as in a bygone eternity, but with a progressive energy to make a case for pure positivism.
    The people holding the reigns of power are afraid the real communist Red October revolution happened vast eternities ago. And that today's revolution will have all the complexity of the center-right, but in the ever important esoteric analysis, the cause of a peaceful future, no matter what war or technology it embraces, will say never again to a barbaric tradition.
    In the immortal words of Soto Sato: You wanted real Gaijin, you got it!

    This is me in the photo - Marccie bebe!.

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  • You finally get to meet me, tete a tete! Hi! i was talking to someone recently, and he told me he really liked my blog...amazing. there's hundreds of you out there, so send me an e-mail or comment before i get famous>i promise not to commercialize, but i did receive an offer to professionally blog>but i'm not sure i'm up to snuff yet or maybe i'm in the information revolution to deeply. in my best Silicon Alley/Boy>Whatever
    NOTE: If your name is Veroniqui Seallau, and you were born in Paris, France, e-mail me here, as you met me<you savoir- Marccie bebe>over 25 years ago at a boite du nuit en New Yorkaise, and I would like to see you again for a social/buisness date!!!!!! Avoir cheri

    Entry for May 02, 2008.

  • |05/02/2008 10:42 pm

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  • What is cyberspace?>"...The term originates in science fiction, where it also includes various kinds of virtual reality experienced by deeply immersed computer users or entities who exist inside computer systems." according to wikipedia. If we accept the hypothesis the universe is infinitely cosmic and that the human species is an example of an infinitely advanced lifeform (coming to this conclusion necessitates overcoming the limitations of the big bang theory and creationism - then if you logically determine the correct cosmology you'll realize reality is more like science fiction as non-fiction), which I accept, you'll be as free as a Papillon monarch butterfly and lucid as hell.
    >>>BB Ultra


  • |05/04/2008 04:00 pm

  • I grew up in the shadow of the cold war and economic recession. The news of the day often was about the tragedies of governmental ineffectiveness, economic instability, terrorist-like movements and governments, and endless crime, without the safety net of a better world as we have today.
    I feel that though there are many problems we still face, the resources we have developed as a result of the rocket science mentality of the cold war, peace movements, futurism inspiring a more erudite outlook on life, more and more a futuristic style of life has emerged. The news of the day is not only promising, the level of erudition, both spiritual and material, has lead us to an era of true enlightenment whereby the merest of dreams is possible.
    The subject of a futuristic today is novel to anyone born in the 20th century. The followup of the Great Depression, something I like to call the desperate depression of the latter half of the 20th century, kind of says to my mind that enduring truths crystallized into a space age, where things are real sci-fi futuristic. Even as a real futurist I'm impressed.
    The advancement of a truly futuristic society depends on there being an ongoing forum to air ideas, which is part of the reason I write on this theme. If you look at the delicious post associated with this blog, you'll see examples of Internet sites loaded with futuristic news.
    I understand that the world today seems to still be in an all out war, with poverty and ignorance as a seemingly chaotic and destructive force as ever. But I'm more of a middle class civilian observer, who feels that armed with a high degree of objectivity I can see this better world unfold right before my eyes.
    Like I always say: TOMORROW IS TODAY!
    >>>BB Ultra

    Science Fiction Is Science Fact!

  • |05/07/2008 12:59 am

    The original TV shows, The Outer Limits and Twilight Zone, and there contemporary equivalents, The X-files and almost any show on the cable channel Sci-fi, have become the cornerstone of epistemological facts so intense it’s shocking> The eyes are probably centers of conscious all by themselves, and though a good science fiction novel by Ayn Rand or Issac Asimov serves a similar function in a different part of the mind, you may have to be better educated and/or experienced to be as lucid cerebrally as opposed to the more innately lucid eyes. I’m not suggesting an empirical/rationalism dichotomy, merely pointing out I suspect the current disposition of human life for some reason has a readily intensive ability to think with the eyes, possibly due to less intriguing information or knowledge to stimulate the more commonly thought version of the mind, the brain. Maybe we can literally see the light.
    When I saw an old Outer Limits about an alien who comes to the earth in human form and needs to make a lot of money quickly, he looks at a stock ticker electronic display and with his advanced race intellect figures how to make a massive fortune just by studying the stock prices and making trades. Three or four decades later, I was in the new Times Square in New York City, looking at what seemed to be a similar electronic tic, and theorized maybe I was this alien in a different lifetime doing what the alien does in the TV show on a factual basis. (you know, real life) I wasn’t thinking with my brain to form this conclusion, just my eyes.
    I reiterate that I know the human life form is advanced, though there is so much more, no matter how far we’ve come.
    However whatever the case may be, a current discussion of the paranormal may seem as limited as Descartes reasoning, or possibly we really have advanced to a new plateau of existence truly enriched. I think so> Let me know what you think.
    >>>BB Ultra

    Don't Lose Out On The $Trillions In Current Finance Sector.

  • |05/07/2008 08:00 pm

  • If you really understand the unlimited appeal of the current financial industries, no matter how poor you are, if you play your cards right you should be able to make a lot of money. I'm saying this despite my center of left politics.
    Let me give you an unorthodox example first. If you have a bank account with JP Morgan Chase<possibly though a debit card of mastercard, american express or visa, which i had to do the following financial transaction>you can make a currency exchange for free both into foreign currency and back. This allows you to avoid a brokers fee charged by cambio exchanges or perhaps a licensed currency trader. This means you can say buy $10,000 of Euros, wait till the EU currency goes up against the dollar, which happens frequently these days, and then sell it back through Chase with a profit of say $475 to $2,200, depending on the volatility of the currencies involved.
    If you somehow are richer then some, or just rich period, you could hit the jackpot sooner or later. There may be a brokerage fee proportional to the size of the trade if you do the above transaction any other way.
    Further, if you follow financial trends, you may latch on to hot securities like NYSE Euronext. This is a truly global stock that reflects major American and some European stock indices. The trick is to know when this stock is hot in terms of how the more and more information/hi-tech position employed by NYSE Euronext works. The interaction of the various exchanges information techniques result in a lucrative position, expressed in terms of say how the EU's and Americas new financial procedures work. A hi-tech position is expressed in terms of computational finance software companies bought by NYSE Euronext.
    If you understand what I've written here, I hope if you get rich you won't get too jaded>please keep your humanitarian spirit alive.
    Amen>BB Ultra

    CIA Official Rendition Map!

  • |05/09/2008 02:30 am

  • This map is from a documentary about the Central Intelligence Agency's rendition program. It is available on the DVD of the movie "Rendition", which came out in theaters recently. I could tell this is a documented account as the CIA officer who is identified as the head of the agency's rendition program explains his thoughts on the subject.
    A definite must for anyone objective enough to do a first-rate analysis of the true positivist nature of the rendition program. <hint: State secrets are important!>
    >>>BB Ultra

    .Entry for May 10, 2008 State Train.

  • |05/10/2008 10:48 pm

  • TransEurope Express
    Hope you like my art.
    Here is my link to a free $10,000 poetry contest from The International Library of Poetry, a publisher of poetry: They've made me a poetry ambassador.
    Further, I am nominated by The International Society of Poets to be this years Poet of the Year. My poem "today" is being published in an anthology. I've also been published by Noble House Publishing and a mag called Bias Onus Quaterly.

    humanitarian pursuits of CIA rendition program.

  • |05/15/2008 05:30 pm

  • CIA Interrogations: The Humanist Psychological Warfare Mix

    If you look carefully at today’s hi-tech future, you realize that life is truly precious, as we now have the capability to advance beyond the aims of the space age and become true futurists. Instead of just eeking it out in a survival pattern we are learning things that we used to attribute to fictional Martians. We’re living in an age when penultimate success is the buzz word, instead of just holding the line.
    As a result of this heightened sense of reality, a more positivist norm is realized.
    Hidden in President Bush’s anti-terrorist program is the transformation of an ultra conservative politician, who reacts to the age we’re in with a neocon message.
    In the old cold war the Russians, East Germans, Chinese and Japanese seemed to me to have a more glamorous position than the Americans. They would be the ideologues while America would have material wealth. But now the US has ideological culture and these glam nations have wealth, while these five nations retain their positions in regards to their former ideology and wealth. It’s been said President Bush welcomed 9/11 as his World War III Pearl Harbor. Well I think that’s good, as it worked out well for the world back in the 1940’s. This historical angle between the struggle of two socio-economic depressions and ideology/materialistic world wars gives us a more clear analysis of why today’s cold war, the new cold war, holds such a powerful sway.
    The futuristic achievements of today are the stuff of heresy and fiction of yesteryear. It’s important to note that if such sci-fi classics as George Orwell’s “1984” really happened in some sense, than maybe the textbook torture by the CIA in this apr├Ęs 9/11 climate is more of a way to instruct those from lesser ideals. You see the interrogation techniques of the CIA are much like those of O’Brian interrogating Winston Smith in the state ministry. We realize that there are state secrets that somehow need to remain in a doublethink mode>For example growing up, I thought Adolf Hitler was a positivist force of the future while at same time a violent politician. The key to understand the issues here is to understand how to resolve the yin/yang or dialectic into a positive chi or synthesis.
    It took faith to believe in the 2003 Iraq War, as such things as the ill treatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison scandal was like Smith at his state ministry torture interrogation. But today’s detainees are treated in a strictly humanist way, including an education that includes reading Arabic so they can make there own interpretations of the Koran. In this way they're rehabilitated and don’t feel they should blow themselves up for the glory of God, enabling them to ride the future wave like anyone else!

    >>>BB Ultra

    Huston, This Is Mars.

  • |05/16/2008 12:58 am

  • Ayn Rand's ghost shadow walked homeless the streets of Newyorkaise searching for his unique Martian lineage, in neo human form, seeing the Mars 2112 nightclub in the light of his solitary existence on earth with its matching Mars 2121 club.
    A prophetic dragon’s dream vision propelled him to new metro run blitzing off into a million light year fun. Under the cover of God’s saintly prayer for the masses vanguard psyops persona, he felt tested as an Enigma Cross of Changes, Saint Lucia of the CIA.
    The American and British Roswells, just another hi-tech high…till years later I realized all the sci-fi/sci-fact of my youth, and realized that because a real future is part of eternity for once, my dearly departed Papa Jeune’s fear the world will Armageddon disappear is gone. I know it’s hard>but it’s better this way>Word!
    By Marc R. Wolsky
    aka/BB Ultra

    Entry for May 23, 2008 Big Brother Biometrics.

  • |05/23/2008 12:26 am

  • “We were proud to collaborate with the FBI on the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, the largest system in the world of its type,” said Judy Marks, president, Lockheed Martin Transportation and Security Solutions. “We’re tremendously pleased to partner with the agency once again to deliver the next quantum leap in capability.”
    The NGI system will expand fingerprint capacity, doubling the size of the current database, and will now also include palm prints, iris and facial recognition capabilities. Additionally, the system requires a significant degree of technical flexibility in order to accommodate other biometric modalities that may mature and become important to law enforcement efforts in the future.
    <The above is an excerpt from the Lockheed Martin Corporation's website...since they sent me a press release covering this subject, I feel empowered to release it to you>
    >For a link explaining "biometrics" exactingly, go to the following link:

    >BB Ultra

    Manned Mission to Mars!

    05/27/2008 09:47 pm
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  • The Mars Phoenix Lander's four mission objectives according to NASA are:
    - Determine whether life ever arose on Mars
    - Characterize the geology and climate of Mars
    - Prepare for human exploration
    In case you didn't know, the Phoenix is landing on its legs using retrorockets because it is too heavy to land with airbags, as the Spirit and Oppourtunity did. The key thing you may not know is that a manned mission to Mars would also have to land on legs, firing retrorockets, as it too would be too heavy for airbags. And that's another objective of the Phoenix, to see how it's landing correlates to a manned mission to Mars.
    I'm not sure where I got the manned Mars mission info from, though I probably heard it during the live NASA tv presentation today of the Phoenix's landing. Further, after searching for this info I couldn't find it, so I'm putting it here so it doesn't get lost in the sauce of the newest in rocket science mentality.

    According to

    Plan X: Deadly Mission to the Red Planet

    Red_planet_2 It’s bold and it’s bad, but some brave souls say we can overcome the biggest challenge of a Mars mission by making it a one-way trip. A planet of extremes, Mars is home to the largest mountain in the solar system, the largest canyon in the solar system and intensely severe dust storms. It is also home to the only other likely option for humans to live within our Solar System.

    >BB Ultra

    Anti-Jihad Thoughts From An Anti-Hero!.

    05/28/2008 11:47 pm
    I must confess, unlike the allegedly Morroco born Belgium reared, Maliki El Aroud, who from her Jihadist exploits and Belgium intelligence community association seems to be more of a French intelligence agent & French citizen born in France, I do not profess to live dangerously and to intellectually or any other way support Jihad. There is I believe real problems with this kind of identity. They tend to make all the miraculous things afforded the world today in the form of hi-tech and haute couture, as a mere excercise in an arcane form of fatalism going back to existential regard of life as pointless, and therefore without resposibility. I prefer to understand that human life is meaningful, perhaps fully in our modern world. I realize the Internet is exploited by radicals as this 48 year old woman, and they are called dangerous, which annoys me as only the enlightened are really dangerous. That's where I come in, to set the record straight and reveal all facets of life, especially the one about peace being the most dangerous weapon of all, not Allah!
    Inherent in lifes' struggle is a striving for true peace, whether it be by laissez faire Republican communists or starry-eyed dreamers, is that peace in its purest form is sancrosanct. It's very hard to know the true value of advanced civilization unless you really know what your talking about, otherwise you'll end up like a misguided terrorist or, a rogue nation as most or all of earth's nations are today, including the US.
    I'm telling you this because there really is free will, you don't have to blindly follow the leader, all you need to get started is to learn real answers. To realize all living things are unique ace cosmology so you'll have a sound epistemological basis for comprehensive thought, which is the only way to acknowledge fact and not deny truth.
    In this context, this Jihad crazed girl I've mentioned because she is symptomatic of a world order that no longer can trance music to arcane beliefs...if she is as I guess French intel, this kind of worldview cannot go on without a real transformation.
    To sum up: It is the light and not the dark where the real power is!
    >>>BB Ultra

    "Spying Blind: The CIA, the FBI, and the Origins of 9/11".

  • |05/31/2008 11:55 pm

  • The title of this entry is a book on the's reccommended list. Following is a link to a site that has the flaps and an excerpt of the book:
    Though I haven't read much of the material here, I reccommend reading it if you are interested in reading a more factual version of a 9/11 expose.
    It is my opinion, the more you read this kind of media, the more you'll understand what's really going on, the sophisticated read is always best.There are of course conspiracy theories which say 9/11 was an inside job done with the blessings of President Bush, but there also theories about Roswell gray UFO's at Area 51 that have never been substantiated. Alex Jones of Infowars maintains that the US in fact was partly responsible for 9/11. Though his "Terrorstorm" DVD makes a very factual case for this, it does not follow suit by giving a comprehensive explaination for why the US would want to do this. The truth is that President Bush, like President Clinton, is one of two of the greatest presidents I've had the privilege as a US citizen to live under. They are superior in every way because of the complexity they bring to the office. Everday there is exciting news about the US exerting the real force of a superpower, and might I add, the wisdom of a global citizen.
    >BB Ultra

    June 26, 2008 President Bush Has Gone Communist!.

    06/26/2008 04:35 pm
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  • Thank Bhudda President Bush dropped North Korea from terror list, eliminating sanctions & normalizing economic relations. Way to go Mr. President, now where up there with the soviets and the chineese. All the way from the new cold war...BB Ultra!

    Nuclear Proliferation and Iran.

  • |07/13/2008 01:59 am

  • The problem with Iran's determination to be a nuclear power is that in it's present condition it is nothing but a barbaric monstrosity. Iran's worse sin is dragging the world down into a mindset that believes in arcane principles, like might makes right. On it's best day, Iran practices genocide and torture on it's own citizens.<unlike America's CIA, the Iranians don't use textbook torture, their rule of thumb is all out violence is the only thing that works>
    Listen, the world is a good place and Iran would have you believe different. What bothers them is a consensus by today's global illuminati that we are poised on the start of a very different world, a world totally futuristic. Don't believe Iran's lie they haven't built or aren't going to build nuclear weapons>they have or will. But that's no reason to get upset, we should support Israel and the US in an airstrike to destroy Iran's nuclear weapon capability. Only in this way can we make a concrete and moralistic distinction between the real world where people live for a better life unfettered by naysayers who would have you think different.
    The US, Russia and many other nations represent the real world...Iran's leaders' vision is only a pipe dream!

    Entry for July 14, 2008-ICC Puts Pressure On Sudan's President To Halt Genocide.

    07/14/2008 08:24 pm
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  • The New York Times online reported a few moments ago that the International Criminal Court's prosecuter has formally asked for an arrest warrant for Sudan's President Bashir. The charges are crimes against humanity, genocide and other crimes, including warcrimes. I think the important point here is that Bashir is a sitting head of state, putting pressure on all government heads of state to act accordingly when it comes to addressing humanitarian issues, as the ICC is a judicial body concerned with ethnicity, which these days applies to almost anything. It is as I thought, the tide of a global concern for international law will bring new dignity to the idea of a more humanitarian ideal for the human race. However, I as always also endorse the idea of soveriegn national status, though only if integrated with a global sovereign identity as well.
    The ICC is known to have global jurisdiction, just as it's cousin at the UN, the International Court of Justice. The difference may be the ICC is not bogged down by UN politics as is the ICJ. This independence may make the ICC hard hitting with teeth behind it's judgement of international criminals. Or maybe the two courts will work in tandem. Anyway, it has been noted the ICC can have major leverage in alleviating and pressuring war criminals such as President Bashir. I hope these courts go after the president of Iran, as I demonstrated at the UN with Iranian dissidents protesting his governments genocide and torture policies.
    To sum up briefly>This kind of news supports the idea of a global legitimacy which ideally will integrate both the international and national agendas toward the end of not only peace, but a futuristic tomorrow which is just as gritty an ideal as peace.
    May the best star wars scenario win!

    About "9/11 Inside Job", Is It Symptomatic of A Larger Dysfunctional New World Order?.

  • |07/17/2008 07:59 pm

  • I have reviewed Alex Jones' "Terrorstorm" carefully and have determined his facts accusing President G W Bush's government of a false flag black ops job to conspire with Osama bin Laden was an accurate representation and an American/Al Quaida coup d'etat. The object of this conspiracy, as with the Saddam Hussein Oil for Food/UN conspiracy, is to impose the will and judgment of a hand full of people on the rest of the world in an effort to insure their views of the status quo and progress would prevail.
    As a true free spirit, who holds an eternal, positivist optimism on the fate of the world, normally I would say it's just the modern world asserting itself. It seems the more productive aims of a "9/11 Inside Job", such as hard wiring the world's socio-political and economic landscape, may be commendable...however what if this may be an argument so ancient as to suggest something too staid. You know, like something akin to a twisted deja vu scenario that was out of control in a bygone eternity and seriously twisted in this incarnation of the Earth. If you examine the real idea of history, you might come up with a truly in-depth today may be an age that is the culmination of an infinite number of Earths whereby we've become powerful in materialistic and spiritual values. If so, perhaps this hand full of people haven't got the right idea when it comes to being realistic. They are fighting impulsively for eternal war to insure they have all the material and spiritual wealth, ignoring the obvious implication that this Orwellian police state vision is dragging the whole world down, even theirs. We need a correction of these negativist police state visionaries, and if necessary turn towards a positivist totalitarian order, which I believe would be a slam dunk in the day and age we actually find ourselves in today.
    I need to tell you, I write these pieces in an effort to live in a better world. But I want to live this better life now. If any of you corporate spies or world leaders recall, this is supposed to be a truly novel Internet and information revolutionary age...not to drag us all through the mud of a macabre and drab kid in a candy store free for all for things that seem right. Further, I don't think those who rationalize an Armageddon policy realize the significance of information and the Internet being in position to really change the world for once.
    I am a true neocon, new conservative, but I believe this means not only holding the line of the status quo but integrating a new vision, realizing the enormous progress we've made. Remember, the same way Ukraine's Orange Revolution showed the world that a modern totalitarian society can be overruled through info and the Internet, a positivist society can take the place of autocratic or oligarchical individuals who defy our right to a truly futuristic way of life.
    Don't get me wrong, like a black cat I always land on my feet. I know President G W Bush and former President W J Clinton are the finest presidents that could be in an infinite universe of possibilities. But their promise like mine, waits for a future age when my little theory on positivist cosmic reality bears fruit! Steady by the mainsail Mr. President...

    Entry for July 21, 2008...Ode to Dr. Sidney Gottlieb.

  • |07/21/2008 10:01 pm

  • Dr. Strangelove’s Epitaph!
    OK, so my impenetrable, esoteric inscrutability makes it hard to understand me. Let me set you straight…the world rocks back and forth between the right and wrong road, kicking up sparks of meaning along the way…there’s the Trans Europe Express and NASA giving us clues to our existence. The Express guides us through the glamorous but staid universal route, while the Space Agency is the way for more adventurous space cowboys. The former has all the comforts of Buckingham Palace, but none of the pure energy of science fiction.
    A long time ago<today>, there was planet Earth and the human race. For once we are all bound on the universal journey to a dream bounded only by our own individuality. Keeping the focus on me, my individuality leaves no stone unturned.
    With this kind of thinking, we cut to the chase and expand our horizons by seeing things on a steadier keel. It is my opinion that statecraft, as it is practiced in the advanced nations of the world, which now includes China and India for example, is going to push the decaying hulk of backward fascism as is practiced in Iran and other nations right off the map. With the might of the G8 and other newly advanced nations, fighting for a future with so much security, wisdom and material wealth, as to warm the heart of the hard working people who have been looking for the answers forever!
    Next year, I’ll be 50, and believe me, after all I’ve been through I can sense immortality for the masses and their noble leaders.

    Entry for July 26, 2008 Saddam's UN trial.

  • |07/26/2008 06:32 pm

  • I don’t know if the information, that Saddam Hussein was tried by a UN crimes against humanity backed court, is a publicly known fact, but I’m presenting it here to make it known if it isn’t.
    This information was told to me by a Michigan University graduate level law professor who’s also a corporate lawyer. These days that’s an indication he may be a spy of some sort.
    I’ve also heard that President Bush wanted Saddam dead no matter what, so I guess the president felt this court was the best way to kill him.
    Regardless of how President Bush felt, I’m glad to see the UN flex its muscles. The more enemies of world peace are put in their place the better. The struggle of civilization is sometimes fought by people and classes who are looking for salvation at the end of the rainbow. Not the madness represented in people such as Saddam. Though in my country, the US, it is considered to be sacrilege to see anyone as unequal, I’m a futurist, and as such I know realistically, though equality is important, so is the long view that someday we’ll know secrets of the universe so profound as to make the present dark age and the hopelessness many of us feel today distant and obscure.
    I think the human mind is capable of reasoning on an infinite order. But you’ve still got to apply that capability to the universe in a material sense as well. You can reason out emotions in the cerebrum, but only experience them in the limbic system. So maybe I should confess that I’m trying to make an educated guess as to the nature of existence and knowledge, but reserve the right to say that maybe as human beings we’re blessed to be a lifeform of the highest order. That may be why when someone commits a crime against humanity, it is important too make a big deal out of it, to lay the ground rules for how to live ethically, and to punish people who are betraying an infinite lifeform.
    So the significance of the UN backing the US in its crimes against humanity courts may also be why the US feels that its treatment of terrorist detainees, from Guantonimo to CIA secret prisons, is a legitimate exercise, as these too may be UN backed. The integrity of the UN is based on its original mission and how the institution gives us a modern sense of the importance of global unity towards peace. Today, in practice, the UN is powerful and effective in teaching us all to be good humanitarians, and since it is composed of sovereign nations, it teaches us to be good individuals. And most of all, realize that much of the outcry against international criminals is done to prevent the unthinkable: Armageddon or the end of the world as we know it…it is a very important policy.

    Damn All This Earthling BS, I'm Going To Mars!

  • |07/31/2008 08:10 pm

  • It's a fine line to Mars. I'm tired of crimes against humanity trials and accusations, I believed Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" rhetoric that we should focus on infinity and beyond. I'm ready to get off this God-forsaken rock full of corruption and irrational greed.
    I think I've got the right answer>but when I blast off for the stars I'm taking Earth with me. It's true the elite of the world have the misanthropic view life is all incorporated in a discotheque. I know there's so much more.
    Remember, Orange Revolution or not, the road to hell isn't always paved with good intentions...Don't believe the adage - be careful what you wish for. Rather it factually reads - be careful what you wish for, you might not get it.
    So, for rich or poor, let's have a little world unity and get the show on the road, without the negativist emotion please. I mean I'm happy now, and I had it hard for almost half a century...If I can do it, so can you. Stay Rad! >B B Ultra
    Hey, check out my website:

    An Honest, Smart and Ethical Doctor In The House: Dr. Susan Rosenthal.

  • |08/01/2008 11:44 pm

  • |I posted this comment to an article, "Mental Illness or Social Illness?" on Dr. Susan Rosenthal's website. The URL that follows this post is where you'll find her article.

  • Posted to

    I found your piece on the true value of the DSM fascinating. It examined the issue of the modern treatment of mental illness completely and I couldn't argue with the author's professionalism from a doctor’s standpoint.

    However, I'd like to point out the issues raised, the idea of socialism taking the place of a mental health establishment fueled by a desire for money instead of a scientific treatment of the patient, lacks as do many modern ideas an exacting basis for thought...In order to understand the world as you suggest doctor, it takes a method of analysis that is eminently rational, such as learning the true nature of cosmology. Until we grasp the infinite capacity of the human mind to make a leap of logic, and therefore really solve the riddles of existence, we will be trapped into the guesswork frame of the current scientific method.

    I would like to say that I found your thoughts on the infinite nature of the human mind delightful and you should be commended on be closer to the mark in a truly clinical presentation!
    Posted by: Marc R. Wolsky | July 06, 2008 at 10:49 PM
    The URL is:

    A List of My Posts - A Must Read For Any True Intellectual!.

  • |08/01/2008 11:58 pm

  • If you want a real sense of the modern worlds top spies, and their impact on history, in terms of 1985: The Year of the Spy>This is a must read. - 3 weeks ago I also think it's important to draw parallel insights between The Year of the Spy in both 2006 and 1985! A lot happened in '85 and 2006...
    "Report: Government's Cyber Security Plan Is Riddled With New Spying Programs" It's funny, the United States entry into the totalitarian game through executive directive sounds great. Like the Soviets say in "The Hunt For Red October" movie, President Bus - 2 months ago I hope you will treat the information in this link objectively. When I say totalitarian, I mean the down to earth, cosmic variety of order. It takes something like this to unearth the future mechanism...
    This article about Societe General's rogue trader proves conclusively my allegations of what really took place! That there was at least $86.7 billion involved in Jerome Kerviel's trades & the people with Kerviel at the bank knew the trades were illegal, - 2 months ago This article was written by alert, and therefore 100% reliable.
    Technical analysis of "The Unthinkable" in 2007 by The New Yorker magazine - 2 months ago this article will give you a familiarity with the impact of the inconcievable event that someone would change the course of human history in an Armaggedon scenario. this idea shows there is a current ...
    Comprehensive encylopedia definition of a computer security) - 3 months ago Hacker ( the gui @ bottom of definition is where full treatment of subject is
    This is my Nakajima99 site - 3 months ago Area 51 from the standpoint of the gray - 3 months ago approaching the Skunkworks @ Groomlake, Nevada as a UFO (Identified Flying Object) starbase for Grays will safeguard you against the false bravado of the world's Oligarchys...
    President GW Bush and President V Putin Reuters video in Paris - 4 months ago In light of Wednsday, 4/2/08 NATO keynote speech by President Bush, this is truly historic occasion for America and Russia!
    documentary videos of 9/11 said to be irrefutable debunk of gov't sponsored conspiracy - 4 months ago CNN and MSNBC newscasts looked very real to me!
    The X-Files movie sequeal alleging 9/11conspiracy - 1 day ago new X-Files movie videos

    October 17, 2008...thoughts on 9/11 prisoners.

    10/17/2008 08:26 pm
    Last night a Public Broadcasting System tv show, "Torturing Democracy", explained in detail the facts of "torture" used against terrrorist prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and CIA secret prisons. It explained how the US president felt he was legally allowed to operate above the law. And alluded he could do this because he was the leader of the free world and did not want the unthinkable(all-out nuclear war for example) to happen. That he felt the need to take extraordinary measures to avoid terrorists from ending the world seemed to me a legitimate concern. Though the rule of law, in this case the Geneva Convention, may stipulate the interrogation techniques amount to war crimes, perhaps the US president had the wisdom to look at the world and the human race overall, leading him to make a progressive conservative descision to take appropriate steps. Further, the interrogations had rules of conduct whereby it would not be torture if the subjects were not harmed. Paradoxically two thirds of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners were released eventually. This would seem to indicate a humanitarian aspect to the proceedings, as the terrorists will have learned a hard lesson and be shown that they were given their freedom in an affirmation of the sanctity of human life.

    October 19, 2008 UN action to end world poverty.

  • |10/19/2008 05:38 pm

  • The UN is using 1% of the human race to get out the message it is actively seeking to end world poverty! The goal is to eliminate global poverty soon. It's good to see this kind of world unity as it is an indication we will live to see a more balanced quality of life. It also shows "the future" is coming soon too. I believe the UN's target date to eliminate world poverty is 2025.
    <a reference for this information is in their video section>

    October 27, 2008 No Depression2.0 or Recession!.

  • |10/27/2008 04:28 pm

  • Though we became cozy in the West with secure finances, the Chinese for example, make tons of money because of the volatility of their markets and economy in general. I think today's volatility in the DJIA, while remaining flat, means the industrialised nations can be revolutionary and remain stodgy.
    Further, I think it's funny Time magazine's Oct. 13 issue had an article describing a possible new Great Depression scenario they call Depression 2.0, as they also said things about avoiding another depression I had said in this weblog months ago. They feel that sovereign wealth funds for example, may be one of the factors in avoiding a depression or perhaps recession.(which I pretty much said here a while ago) They also detailed a perception that a depression is not in the cards because unlike 1929 when the US government did nothing to help the buisness world, today there are massive infusions of cash coming from the US to buisness.
    >>>BB Ultra..."We believe in revolution"

    October 30, 2008 From Osama's Inner Circle: Peaceful Jihad.

    10/30/2008 08:31 pm
    Osama bin Laden's media head, who would be responsible for Al Qaida's image as well as media fed to new recruits in Al Quaida's training camps, and a member of Osama's inner circle, he is presently cooling his heels at Guantanimo while being tried for these type of terrrorist activities. What I find indicative of a 21st century future is that his prison stay has brought his mind to a more enlightened place, as he said that he now practices jihad by pen and not by his body. This seems to mean I think that since in the US freedom of expression is a sacred right, that the man is practicing peaceful jihad! A little westernisation of the Islamic man. The yin-yang chi is good.
    BB Ultra

    October 31, 2008 Here Comes World War III.

  • |10/31/2008 08:24 pm

  • According to today's Reuters, the war in the Congo has the most casualties in a conflict since World War II. Somewhere between the new cold war and Depression 2.0, history is twisting in a cathartic storm I hope will bring new meaning to being a human being. I, for one, feel the atmosphere is perfect to capitalise on, though dangerous.
    Here's looking at you it again sam!

    November 01, 2008 Thank God New UN Secretary General as Good as Kofi!.

  • |11/01/2008 05:39 pm

  • Kofi was an awe-inspiring UN secretary general. Now I see his replacement, in his own way is just as good. When I saw the scope of UN aid to a crisis of cataclysmic proportions in the Congo, I knew we are in good hands. Believe it or not, I was enchanted by Kofi through UN tv. And realized there's so much more, and less to life without a true UN international effort, while respecting the sovereignty of the nations of the earth. Yeah, a new day, a new dawn!

    November 06, 2008 President Bush:True Conservative's Socialist Legacy!.

  • |11/06/2008 07:32 pm

  • As US President G.W. Bush leaves office, I hope the world will understand that he will have an outstanding and enduring legacy, including introducing socialism in real terms for the first time in US history. Not only did it take a lot of guts and integrity for many of his policies and moves during his presidency, but his positive impact is only starting to be understood.
    Though the media has often painted Bush as an unpopular president, I say that's just plain bs. Many times the true nature of historical figures in history only comes to light when the facts are known and can be correctly assessed. A real analysis only comes as we become more enlightened, giving us a more accurate perspective.
    I always had the highest regard for President Bush's handling of the Intelligence Community, but he really surprised me with his socialization policy in regards to the US financial sector. He really hit the mark that time, as having a socialist yet conservative policy in private business will probably leave us not only with terms of endearment from countries abroad, it will transform the US into a vibrant people ready for the challenge of a global effort, on par with the likes of France in regards to being in a haute couture mode!

    November 11, 2008 Female US soldiers expected to fight as soldiers.

  • |11/11/2008 07:37 pm

  • I finally nailed down information on whether females in the current US military are in a combat role. They are. They are expected by their superior officers to fight in combat because they are soldiers.(you know, I kind of expected as much because of the role of females in counterespionage activities in Special Ops/CIA prisons) Like many of the positions in today's world, sometimes a premonition of these firefight facts for example, lead one to recognize the distant future right along side tomorrow. Today's world in this light, seems to have the kind of positivistic angle I'm looking for, as US female combatents and black/white Presidants seem to be truly progressive. I reiterate, a long time ago, I saw the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" on the silver screen and have held my breath ever since then wondering if I would ever see such a future...Hmmmm, I think I know!
    BB Ultra

    November 15, 2008 G-20 Meet and the Financial Crisis.

  • |11/15/2008 09:29 pm

  • The G-20 summit in the US, despite the media's political will to hide it, did something substantive: They made a substantive move to act as "a clearinghouse for the $33 trillion market in credit default swaps. This will probably make the global economy even more ambitious to make more money, a process which can be linked to a better quality of life.
    I mentioned Depression 2.0 in this weblog earlier to provide a context whereby you can see that, despite the economic statistics not being this bad since the Great Depression, this is the 21st century. So many things have changed since the 1930's. I believe the latter day depression is more closely linked to a recession cycle which ended with the dot com boom and evaporated in the credit boom in 2007.
    To keep the focus on me, I reiterate it's great to dream of going to the stars, but we must have a parallel down to earth dimension in our thinking. Being earthy and starry eyed simultaneously is a grand tradition I feel deeply.
    BB Ultra

    November 16, 2008 Upside of Depression 2.0.

  • |11/16/2008 04:04 pm

  • Is the US propelling the world into a Depression worse than the Great Depression? Though President George W. Bush thinks this is possible, I don’t. The way I see it there is too much real idealism in countries across the world, partly because of the internet and new technologies, partly because politicians and global citizens are pushing hard for a better life for us all. I know the news is awash with the financial crisis, but if you take it all into perspective and rule out thinking from the dark ages, you’ll know the world we’re living in today is radically different in so many ways, in a positive direction, that the very ideas that propel the recent boom-bust cycle has an upside that’s incredible!(endless money being made and really enlightening hi-tech for example) The upside is that if the earthy ideas that guide us, such as the internet and information revolutions, are fueling a breathtaking future for mankind then any man or woman worth their salt is in for a major surprise.
    On the cosmic side, no matter how eternal human life is, no matter if we turn out to be paranormal as hell, no matter what Johnny Rotten says, there’s going to be a future that will deny death its sting. It is important to realize that we must rise out of the morass of a zombie state if we’re going to have a way to understand the difference between existentialism and science fiction. Or maybe there should be a seamless interface between science and religion?
    I once wrote something I later found out Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had said many years ago, which makes it all the more special. TOMORROW IS TODAY!
    BB Ultra

    November 25, 2008 A Good Psyche Patient is as Clinical as the Doc!.

  • |11/25/2008 06:21 pm

  • In case you didn't know, being treated by a psychiatrist can be a very tricky business. Not only are they well trained to treat the mentally disordered with extreme erudition, they also now have the daunting task of treating people with rational disposition. These normal psyche patients undergo an "anxiety", for example, which though extreme, doesn't constitute a mental disorder. In the case of high anxiety without disorder, you may be someone who is homeless who experiences anxiety attacks while remaining rational...this is a known phenomenon.
    I guess the reasoning is that the person undergoing "normal" psyche problems has the ability to rise above the dilemma without losing it.
    BB Ultra

    December 01, 2008 Cloak and Dagger Cigarettes!.

  • |12/01/2008 05:36 pm

  • According to Weiner’s book “Legacy of the Ashes” the CIA’s reputation is mythological, but it’s record is poor. Two thoughts came to mind when I examined this idea, that it’s soaring reputation was based actually on a more painstaking and methodological analysis, and that the foreign powers it spied on were too cut throat and cynical to accept the miracles the US promised the world. Further, in this new cold war probably foreign nations catch hell from US spies...2006:Year of the Spy therefore has US spies in the double agent* position!(in 1985:Year of the Spy foreign agents were caught spying on the US) Perhaps America's rendition policies and the like, coupled with CIA spies being arrested recently in Europe, may be an example of US Intel showing high art of double agency.
    The aloof and cutthroat attitudes of Asia and Europe, under the guise of Chinese and Russian communism, launched some mad dash for the finish line, some sort of Trans Europe Express in depth analysis that failed to attract the US sector. The Americans, in their current incarnation, were more interested in a less cut and run phenomena, such as extolling the virtues of CIA best and brightest ideas.
    Could it be that the American idealistic starry eyed dreamer mentality had something in it as gritty as the rest? Is it possible this kind of capital is now competing with foreign states on a more level playing field? And finally, is the US going to go through some astounding renaissance that Asia and Europe are familiar with?
    Could it have taken millions of eternal lifetimes for humanity to crawl to the top of the mountain? A peak so high as to be able to see the world with clarity of vision as to ennoble us to have the ambition to conquer all the visionary vistas we’ve found. I know true peace is always the answer, but sometimes the negative reinforcement of war works too, as long as it’s tempered with wisdom.
    So what do Eisenhower’s words legacy of the ashes really mean? It means that year by year, eternity by eternity all the great powers of the Earth, including the US, Russia and China have been balancing between some kind of heavenly promise of future peace and some existential revolt against life. A common determination we go through everyday is whether life is good or bad. It’s only when we go beyond the maelstrom of democratic and communist thought grinding all we know into the foreseeable future, when we realize CIA spies were like poor rich kids, endowed with vision from advantages and shot full of street cred because they’re forced to. And the Eurasians were nothing but complacent middle class, filled with endless pragmatism.
    It’s really very simple, as an entire species we’re just a speck of dust floating through the universe on a planetary speck of dust, or we’re a vibrant advanced life form destined to truly succeed. A phoenix rising from the ashes of a lesser day!

    BB Ultra
    *Note: follow link for my idea of true double agent -

    December 10, 2008 It's A Wonderful Life!.

  • |12/10/2008 01:09 pm

  • Ok, I feel I must play a positivist card to offset world economic fears. The global recession, or depression in a very real way is just a matter of perception. Though the World Bank and others think things haven’t been this bad since the Great Depression, they aren’t taking into account some very important factors.
    In the old cold war that gripped the world in a doomsday mentality, there were many benefits to this hawkish attitude. However, the resulting ominous rumblings of the military/industrial complexes lead many to believe there was no way out of the war, simply because it fueled an economy and way of life that did miraculous things for us all. Perhaps so, yet the war effort was only a stepping stone toward a better way of life I feel is inherent in the 21 st century.
    During the old cold war there was a staid perception that the doomsday pattern would keep life on an even keel, partly a compromise, due to the desperation of the Great Depression and also because mankind thought life was good enough and people shouldn’t risk another depression.
    Fortunately, the world we live in today has learned many, many things. Even if we seem to be in the grips of a new depression, I think that perception might be off the mark. Really, you have to have comprehensive access to current information and some sort of education to see the answers more clearly.
    There are factors such as futuristic technology and ideals that make the difference. We have the technology and political will to change the world overnight. Today it was reported that a real plan to have a moratorium on all nuclear weapons stockpiles has entered has entered into mainstream politics. Something considered radical in the old cold war.
    I realize there’s still a new cold war being fought, but maybe there’s a new humanist spirit that has developed to make a fear of war and poverty obsolete soon enough. I leave you with the thought that Hollywood movies often seem to me to mirror life. If you take movies seriously you might develop the keen insight that there’s nothing like a good ending.
    So blow out the candles on your cosmic cake which celebrates your timeless age and remember, there really is a future Johnny Lydon!

    BB Ultra

    December 19, 2008 Espionage Chrstmas Gift!.

  • |12/19/2008 05:04 pm

  • Spies Who Stay in the Cold!
    In the old cold war's 1985 Year of the Spy, spies were staying cold, in the sense they were espionage jaded, but were non-American spies more chumy with intel agencies foreign to the US-I think this lawyer's case suggest that now, in a 2006 Year of the Spy position, American spies are the jaded ones!
    In the immortal words of Bill Gates of Microsoft, Corp. fame: We got the loot!
    BB Ultra

    December 24, 2008 Israeli Wall.

  • |12/24/2008 07:26 am

  • Israeli Peace Gets Down to Brass Tacks! Israel just made operational an Israel wall to stop Palestinian terrorists and Hammas from invading Israel. The Arabs now will be barbarians @ the gate because of this Israeli version of the Great Wall of China. When I first read about it in the newspaper I thought if Israel did build this 21 st century security fence, it better have advanced techniques and armaments in the final design. With vision. I’ve seen the now operational final draft and hope ferverently it stabilizes the world peace process for Israel. I prayed at a Lubivitch for humanity and the Jewish people in the summer of 2007. Thank You God!
    O’ and thanx to the police state and Big Brother!
    >BB Ultra

    December 29, 2008 Post Script Link to October 17 Post.

  • |12/29/2008 07:28 pm

  • With the following link you can access the show "Torturing Democracy" featured in my October 17th post concerning the treatment of incarcerated "enemy combatants" by the US. CIA disclaimer: Though after seeing this show, many feel US is guilty of crimes against humanity, I remind you of my treatment herein where I state that sometimes these US policies are esential in combatting the unthinkable. The US has long battled in the old cold war, a fight for the ongoing survival and integrity of the human species. Please bare this factor in mind as you watch the show and read related documents.
    You'll find show and documents at:
    BB Ultra
    PSPS: In 2009 a movie called "Unthinkable" coming out exactly along the lines of what I've outlined above>the plot according to IMDb: A psychological thriller centered around a black-ops interrogator and an FBI agent who press a suspect terrorist into divulging the location of three nuclear weapons sets to detonate in the U.S.
    Ha Ha! And you thought I wasn't that cutting edge. Mhmmm.

    January 05, 2009 Stick'n Out All Over the Internet!.

  • |01/05/2009 08:55 am

  • That did it>Tecnorati blog* I noticed featured one of my posts, and I have a google hit connection to my US News & World Report piece! Gee, you try it and tell me what you think>Just use one of the three major search engines, Google, Yahoo and MS Live Search-enter my name in quotes: "Marc R. Wolsky" And hit me up with comments on this blog! Is it my ego or am I really as famous as Deborah Harry from Blondie.
    the one and only, BB Ultra
    *Note: The only way I know to access the link in Technorati blog to this site is to click on or go to this URL:

    January 28, 2009 Just a Thought....

  • |01/28/2009 06:25 pm

  • Maureen Dowd's op-ed piece, "Wall Street's Socialist Jet-Setters" had her usual NY Times charm, though it showed her left-center mindset. I thought it was funny she assessed,(as I did in this web log) that the US and other nations have gone truly socialist. In the article she's careful to preserve her image as a stalwart regular at the Times...however, it seems to me she tears apart the Wall Street titans with some kind of revolutionary zeal!
    I used to be one of those Wall Street socialists many years before the $billion bailouts. I love you Maureen, but your one of the masters of my universe, so if your gonna write such daring material instead of your usual conservative, you should try to lose your existential angst and have some faith in the system.
    > BB Ultra

    January 31, 2009 A Post Depression 2.0 World!.

  • |01/31/2009 07:20 pm

  • Some of the attendees of the current World Economic Forum in Davos participated in a U.N. refugee simulation where these world leaders went through somethng akin to torture resistant training in the U.S. These political and buisness leaders went through a U.N. simulation which would put them in the position of the world's refugees...the U.N. tried to make it as close to the real thing as possible.
    This is progress yet again asserting itself-just when everyone is getting tired of the economic, political international situation, a humanist factor, perhaps having to do with the end of "world war III" and Depression 2.0 brings about yet another humanitarian economic miracle, similar to the rebirth of the world after the end of World War II and an end to the Great Depression.
    What do I mean by this? It means the human race is once again breaking from the staid pattern of buisness as usual, that we're living the starry-eyed futuristic dream, optimizing the talents of our infinite species. Toward the end of providing the clairvoyance to indicate a strategic initiative by my readers to adopt a science fiction attitude while accepting the blessings of Christ, I risk being seemingly speculative. Though I'm an atheist, I do know there's an inanimate machine called God. Please understand it's easy to assert yourself and acknowledge cosmic fact.(the kind that is absolutely true and doesn't breakdown as do some facts gleaned from the scientific method)
    Don't be half-assed when it comes to such a dream, as realistically it's all we have.
    Semper Fi comrades, BB Ultra

    February 10, 2009 Dollar A Day Destitution.

  • |02/10/2009 01:47 pm


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  • Though you hear the word oligarch, essentially rule by the rich and powerful, used to describe wealthy, politically connected Russians, in truth the oligarchy is worldwide.
    The Russians, the Americans, the Chinese and various elements of the EU and Switzerland, what are they trying to get away with? Why do they support a status quo of business as usual, when they don’t have the brains or the mindset to support this concept?
    Here’s a quote of an oligarch in the NY Times: “It doesn’t matter if you’re in a bear market, a bull market, a flat market, you’re going to get 95 percent of the research coming out telling you to buy,” said Randy Cass, chief executive of First Coverage. “It’s just the way it’s always been.” This is in reference to financial analysts public buy and sell recommendations for financial securities. This same old thing attitude is being hunted down by a new global climate whereby this kind of reactionary credo will be eliminated.
    These days I feel I’ll have the clairvoyance to see beyond the pale and somehow have an arch conservative reserve to stay intact in the rip-tide of the coming peace/future revolution! You see, many, many of us have lived lives before this one. There are two competing totalitarian orders, one positivist, the other negativist. Despite what is says in the US constitution about being created equal, in the more sober 21 st century analysis people are recognized as absolute individuals via positivist vision. The collectivist ethic is just past tense.
    If George Orwell’s book 1984 taught us anything, it taught us to solve cryptic life riddles and a terminology to think realistically.
    > BB Ultra

    February 22, 2009 There's No 21st Century Great Depression!.

  • |02/22/2009 04:14 pm

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  • Former Fed chairman Volker recently said that we are now in a depression worse than the Great Depression. I couldn't disagree with him more. Though his view is based on current thinking and his own experience of the 1930's, I think that the difference between now and then is vast. Though it seems to me the 1930's inspired a conservatism that did serve as a prelude to today's ideology/technology boom! But you should know there has been an essential shift in the human condition tantamount to non-fictional science fiction. A good analogy is the cold war and the new cold war...the old cold war served an impetous to find a way to understand space age discoveries while the new cold war seems to push us to find answers, using the tools devoloped, seemingly incomprehensible before 1991, toward the end of unlocking the infinite.
    Generally much of the world is so driven by yesterday's credo, that things will always remain the same, though only the upper echelons of modern society for the most part are aware of just how different life is now.
    I have plenty of access to the Internet and can afford to buy a world class newspaper like the NY Times when I feel like it. I want you all to understand what I'm basically talking about is the angst that still plagues the human condition, causing a fear of positivism and a complacent "the world's falling apart" attitude that's disingenuous with the actual nature of human beings.
    So keep a look out for things that defy pessimistic wisdom. And let the dream live on!
    >BB Ultra

    March 10, 2009 Wall Street Dough Rising!

  • |03/10/2009 04:41 pm

  • OK, so the principles of derivative options trading is steeped in a financial tradition that is humanitarian and cut-throat capitalist. And they are constantly berated by the press, politicians and the non financial general public as being nothing but robber barrons who seemingly just acquire material wealth irrationally. The reason you may suspect the world's major finance markets of being incomprehensibly greedy is because you aren't privy to "inside information", the top secret profit formulas coveted by corporate execs. This secret info, along with new quant formulas, are often talked about in the press as dead giveaways to wrongdoing.
    It's not so, the global financial sector is really geared not only to the future of our species, they also present an effective counterpoint to a collective poverty by making people truly wealthy and therefore by definition promoting a world order whereby things are truly civilized, with an ever exponential future principle covering the more esoteric aspects of life, such as a future where the full impact of hi-tech surfaces constantly.
    Before you say "yeah, right", let me tell you that the real lore of Wall Street has core ideas like the Internet/Information Age & Revolution, the unthinkable and more. Another words the image they present of being vip's who really capitalize on truly erudite principles which are rewarding both in material and spiritual wealth is the truth. Further this finance culture with it's intertwining government involvement, endorses the more esoteric idea of science fiction come true. I used to work on Wall Street, I know!
    > BB Ultra
    PS: I realize this piece is somewhat too ideological, but maybe from my standpoint in my life as a poor/rich man the ideas herein are sound. But in an age with diverse, conflicting ideas, like the relationship between real hi-tech and CIA rendition, my overview speaks more to the idea of future history and overcoming angst by seeing the world crawl from the ashes of war into a new day. Good, but I was born with all the advantages and disadvantages, so maybe my personal standpoint is unique, enriched by a lack of bourgeoisie fear of tomorrow.

    March 15, 2009 A New Internet

  • |03/15/2009 05:18 pm

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  • This organization is rivaling the international intelligence community with it's state of the art radical counter-revolutionary impact. Their database would seem to either have a hi security computer defense and/or they are being hacked into by the governments and U.N., which are trying to clamp down on it's ability to leak classified material. They even have a RAND corp., an intel think tank, document they say exposes a current "Watergate" in the current Afghanistan/Iraq war! Heavy. Anyway, I'll try again to put links here to the WikiLeaks site:
    >BB Ultra

    Here's The Financial Cyberwar Pearl Harbor U.S./P.R.China/Russia Look'n For!!!.

  • |03/25/2009 03:00 pm

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  • Al Qaeda Leader Osama bin Laden turns 9/11 coup d'etat trump card aqainst Fortress Europe!.

  • |03/27/2009 01:45 pm

  • Yes, todays Al Qaeda terrorist hit against a Pakistan Mosque was definitely done with the solo direction of osama bin laden's he did with his 9/11 US terror plot!
    It has been known for some time in the international Intelligence Community Osama has been plotting to trump his 9/11 manuever by hitting the US again, this time in a coup d'etat attempt to make America his own. Well his plans obviously have been thwarted and he had to set his sites on his own Arabic Fort Euro stompping ground. I'll be damned, he's got my personal thanx because this makes him an official rogue CIA asset! Allah be praised.
    This is my Big Brother Ultra State report...Marc R. Wolsky
    Sayonara Bushido!

    Class Action Lawsuit For Stolen US Military Computer.

  • |04/06/2009 05:30 pm

  • 4/6/09
    by Marc R. Wolsky
    In 2006 a computer was stolen from the United States military. Though the FBI recovered it one month later the information on the computer was classified.
    A class action suit on the American military on itself, known as: In RE: Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Data Theft Litigation, MDL No. 1796 will be decided July 28, 2009 at 10 a.m. to the tune of $20 million US dollars.
    The problem with the God damned computer? It contains the following identifying information – The names, social security numbers, and dates of birth for up to 17.5 million veterans, spouses of veterans, and military personnel, as well as some disability ratings. Further, the data did not include any health records or financial information.
    The class action suit came with the judgment neither in favor of the defendants or plaintiffs, but resolved in a money settlement for the affected US soldiers.
    Actual damages include out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a direct result of the theft, including those that were: used to protect or monitor your personal or financial information; or the result of physical symptoms of severe emotional distress. Out-of-pocket expenses may include, for example, the purchase of credit monitoring to protect against identity loss.
    Well, though that may sound fascinating, the coup de grace is that the settlement also includes all representatives, heirs, administrators, executors, beneficiaries, agents, and assigns of the Class Members.
    Sayonara Bushido> bb ultra

    O’, and if you want to access this information yourself you’ll find it @: !

    May 20, 2009 Update:US cyberespionage now state of the art.

  • |05/20/2009 07:39 pm

  • I recently requested documentation from the Defense Department of my official status as per my 4 year active enlistment with the U.S. Marine Corps, which I was dying to see if i was actually retired as of my contract in January 1994. As you can see from my last post here, the last2 decades seemed to me to be perilous for anyone with official status with the us military.
    Truth is, the status of military, both stoplossed and like me, a known cyberwar free agent spy for Lockheed Martin and spec ops aerospace command...You no what, let me cut to the chase> The US and other G-20 nations are rid of their cause celeb fears. and we are currently engaged not only in a sci-fi capitalist dream but all is well in the realm of the foreign Internet cafe>i'm writing this from such a cafe that looks both as the foreign world of cloak and dagger, mega-titan journalist industrialists, but also the world i grew up with in such movies as "Breakfast at Tiffany's" "It's a Wonderful Life" "Dr. Strangelove" and of course all the James Bond movies starring Sir Sean Connery.
    Oh, and as usual, due to my ever increasing greed and humanism, i leave you with a hot tip to close the deal. Find all you can about The NASDAQ OMX Group and The Global Dow. Cheers, Marc Wolski

    June 15, 2009 It's a new day, a new dawn!.

    Only I can see this
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  • My explaination for the current economic and political woes is simply that we've reached a climatic moment in our starry-eyed revery whereby we realize the human race can really reach for the platinum merry-go-round ring! Yeah, all those eternities(literally) paying off with endless dreams of seeing a profound meaning to life...despite all the heartache it brings, the real essence of the human condition never gave up on being the best they could possibly be.
    There are signs of it everywhere, we're really changing direction. Out of an eternal morass the human race is rising to the occasion. Next time you think about yourself in terms of money and government put some of this kind of profound spin in your mind and maybe some future that used be relegated to sci-fi novels and movies may come alive for you.
    The world stage, in the end, is only a fight for good against evil, a fight of the future against the past. So maybe if as I've said the good side won, maybe you'll be able to see it with your bare eyes!
    -BB Ultra