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February 22, 2009 There's No 21st Century Great Depression!.

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  • Former Fed chairman Volker recently said that we are now in a depression worse than the Great Depression. I couldn't disagree with him more. Though his view is based on current thinking and his own experience of the 1930's, I think that the difference between now and then is vast. Though it seems to me the 1930's inspired a conservatism that did serve as a prelude to today's ideology/technology boom! But you should know there has been an essential shift in the human condition tantamount to non-fictional science fiction. A good analogy is the cold war and the new cold war...the old cold war served an impetous to find a way to understand space age discoveries while the new cold war seems to push us to find answers, using the tools devoloped, seemingly incomprehensible before 1991, toward the end of unlocking the infinite.
    Generally much of the world is so driven by yesterday's credo, that things will always remain the same, though only the upper echelons of modern society for the most part are aware of just how different life is now.
    I have plenty of access to the Internet and can afford to buy a world class newspaper like the NY Times when I feel like it. I want you all to understand what I'm basically talking about is the angst that still plagues the human condition, causing a fear of positivism and a complacent "the world's falling apart" attitude that's disingenuous with the actual nature of human beings.
    So keep a look out for things that defy pessimistic wisdom. And let the dream live on!
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