Saturday, July 16, 2011

Al Qaeda Leader Osama bin Laden turns 9/11 coup d'etat trump card aqainst Fortress Europe!.

  • |03/27/2009 01:45 pm

  • Yes, todays Al Qaeda terrorist hit against a Pakistan Mosque was definitely done with the solo direction of osama bin laden's he did with his 9/11 US terror plot!
    It has been known for some time in the international Intelligence Community Osama has been plotting to trump his 9/11 manuever by hitting the US again, this time in a coup d'etat attempt to make America his own. Well his plans obviously have been thwarted and he had to set his sites on his own Arabic Fort Euro stompping ground. I'll be damned, he's got my personal thanx because this makes him an official rogue CIA asset! Allah be praised.
    This is my Big Brother Ultra State report...Marc R. Wolsky
    Sayonara Bushido!

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