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Entry for July 26, 2008 Saddam's UN trial.

  • |07/26/2008 06:32 pm

  • I don’t know if the information, that Saddam Hussein was tried by a UN crimes against humanity backed court, is a publicly known fact, but I’m presenting it here to make it known if it isn’t.
    This information was told to me by a Michigan University graduate level law professor who’s also a corporate lawyer. These days that’s an indication he may be a spy of some sort.
    I’ve also heard that President Bush wanted Saddam dead no matter what, so I guess the president felt this court was the best way to kill him.
    Regardless of how President Bush felt, I’m glad to see the UN flex its muscles. The more enemies of world peace are put in their place the better. The struggle of civilization is sometimes fought by people and classes who are looking for salvation at the end of the rainbow. Not the madness represented in people such as Saddam. Though in my country, the US, it is considered to be sacrilege to see anyone as unequal, I’m a futurist, and as such I know realistically, though equality is important, so is the long view that someday we’ll know secrets of the universe so profound as to make the present dark age and the hopelessness many of us feel today distant and obscure.
    I think the human mind is capable of reasoning on an infinite order. But you’ve still got to apply that capability to the universe in a material sense as well. You can reason out emotions in the cerebrum, but only experience them in the limbic system. So maybe I should confess that I’m trying to make an educated guess as to the nature of existence and knowledge, but reserve the right to say that maybe as human beings we’re blessed to be a lifeform of the highest order. That may be why when someone commits a crime against humanity, it is important too make a big deal out of it, to lay the ground rules for how to live ethically, and to punish people who are betraying an infinite lifeform.
    So the significance of the UN backing the US in its crimes against humanity courts may also be why the US feels that its treatment of terrorist detainees, from Guantonimo to CIA secret prisons, is a legitimate exercise, as these too may be UN backed. The integrity of the UN is based on its original mission and how the institution gives us a modern sense of the importance of global unity towards peace. Today, in practice, the UN is powerful and effective in teaching us all to be good humanitarians, and since it is composed of sovereign nations, it teaches us to be good individuals. And most of all, realize that much of the outcry against international criminals is done to prevent the unthinkable: Armageddon or the end of the world as we know it…it is a very important policy.

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