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December 01, 2008 Cloak and Dagger Cigarettes!.

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  • According to Weiner’s book “Legacy of the Ashes” the CIA’s reputation is mythological, but it’s record is poor. Two thoughts came to mind when I examined this idea, that it’s soaring reputation was based actually on a more painstaking and methodological analysis, and that the foreign powers it spied on were too cut throat and cynical to accept the miracles the US promised the world. Further, in this new cold war probably foreign nations catch hell from US spies...2006:Year of the Spy therefore has US spies in the double agent* position!(in 1985:Year of the Spy foreign agents were caught spying on the US) Perhaps America's rendition policies and the like, coupled with CIA spies being arrested recently in Europe, may be an example of US Intel showing high art of double agency.
    The aloof and cutthroat attitudes of Asia and Europe, under the guise of Chinese and Russian communism, launched some mad dash for the finish line, some sort of Trans Europe Express in depth analysis that failed to attract the US sector. The Americans, in their current incarnation, were more interested in a less cut and run phenomena, such as extolling the virtues of CIA best and brightest ideas.
    Could it be that the American idealistic starry eyed dreamer mentality had something in it as gritty as the rest? Is it possible this kind of capital is now competing with foreign states on a more level playing field? And finally, is the US going to go through some astounding renaissance that Asia and Europe are familiar with?
    Could it have taken millions of eternal lifetimes for humanity to crawl to the top of the mountain? A peak so high as to be able to see the world with clarity of vision as to ennoble us to have the ambition to conquer all the visionary vistas we’ve found. I know true peace is always the answer, but sometimes the negative reinforcement of war works too, as long as it’s tempered with wisdom.
    So what do Eisenhower’s words legacy of the ashes really mean? It means that year by year, eternity by eternity all the great powers of the Earth, including the US, Russia and China have been balancing between some kind of heavenly promise of future peace and some existential revolt against life. A common determination we go through everyday is whether life is good or bad. It’s only when we go beyond the maelstrom of democratic and communist thought grinding all we know into the foreseeable future, when we realize CIA spies were like poor rich kids, endowed with vision from advantages and shot full of street cred because they’re forced to. And the Eurasians were nothing but complacent middle class, filled with endless pragmatism.
    It’s really very simple, as an entire species we’re just a speck of dust floating through the universe on a planetary speck of dust, or we’re a vibrant advanced life form destined to truly succeed. A phoenix rising from the ashes of a lesser day!

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    *Note: follow link for my idea of true double agent -

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