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About "9/11 Inside Job", Is It Symptomatic of A Larger Dysfunctional New World Order?.

  • |07/17/2008 07:59 pm

  • I have reviewed Alex Jones' "Terrorstorm" carefully and have determined his facts accusing President G W Bush's government of a false flag black ops job to conspire with Osama bin Laden was an accurate representation and an American/Al Quaida coup d'etat. The object of this conspiracy, as with the Saddam Hussein Oil for Food/UN conspiracy, is to impose the will and judgment of a hand full of people on the rest of the world in an effort to insure their views of the status quo and progress would prevail.
    As a true free spirit, who holds an eternal, positivist optimism on the fate of the world, normally I would say it's just the modern world asserting itself. It seems the more productive aims of a "9/11 Inside Job", such as hard wiring the world's socio-political and economic landscape, may be commendable...however what if this may be an argument so ancient as to suggest something too staid. You know, like something akin to a twisted deja vu scenario that was out of control in a bygone eternity and seriously twisted in this incarnation of the Earth. If you examine the real idea of history, you might come up with a truly in-depth today may be an age that is the culmination of an infinite number of Earths whereby we've become powerful in materialistic and spiritual values. If so, perhaps this hand full of people haven't got the right idea when it comes to being realistic. They are fighting impulsively for eternal war to insure they have all the material and spiritual wealth, ignoring the obvious implication that this Orwellian police state vision is dragging the whole world down, even theirs. We need a correction of these negativist police state visionaries, and if necessary turn towards a positivist totalitarian order, which I believe would be a slam dunk in the day and age we actually find ourselves in today.
    I need to tell you, I write these pieces in an effort to live in a better world. But I want to live this better life now. If any of you corporate spies or world leaders recall, this is supposed to be a truly novel Internet and information revolutionary age...not to drag us all through the mud of a macabre and drab kid in a candy store free for all for things that seem right. Further, I don't think those who rationalize an Armageddon policy realize the significance of information and the Internet being in position to really change the world for once.
    I am a true neocon, new conservative, but I believe this means not only holding the line of the status quo but integrating a new vision, realizing the enormous progress we've made. Remember, the same way Ukraine's Orange Revolution showed the world that a modern totalitarian society can be overruled through info and the Internet, a positivist society can take the place of autocratic or oligarchical individuals who defy our right to a truly futuristic way of life.
    Don't get me wrong, like a black cat I always land on my feet. I know President G W Bush and former President W J Clinton are the finest presidents that could be in an infinite universe of possibilities. But their promise like mine, waits for a future age when my little theory on positivist cosmic reality bears fruit! Steady by the mainsail Mr. President...

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