Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wall Street Science Fiction!

A Warning as Wall Street Moves Into Emerging Markets -
When I first read the title of this article I was thinking I could find evidence the US was going to invest in emerging markets like the Chinese and the US could have the national growth like China's. Also we could utilize present US securities market volatility to our advantage as the Chinese do, offsetting problems in such things as traditional Dow Theory. But of course in our country, the US, perhaps the perception of president Obama as a socialist may factor in well with your discussion of sovereign wealth funds, because our treatment of such things in a more progressive light may allow 'fortress DC' to keep up with the likes of fortress euro's cultural wealth and China's money. If you don't change you'll be begging for change. Unfortunately, only tomorrow will show us a more futuristic overview of life, relieving us of the miasma of fatalistic the times we live in and NYTimes articles in general are very uplifting, but we need to bring perspective on where we as a race are going and who we really are. Otherwise, we are just existentialist escapists without futurist vision. I found this article particularly uplifting because it points toward tangible evidence of futuristic change.

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