Sunday, September 4, 2011

Don't Worry About Those UFO's Around The Corner!

In my conception of reality there is only one ultimate objective:  to make it to the infinite future.  This is a place which completely transcends the current mundane day to day existence.  It should be noted that this future would be one where you would find a way to live which is so futuristic as to leave you enraptured with an eternal feeling that’s totally dreamlike.  At the risk of sounding fascist (which I’m not) the only people making it into this continuum would be inherently prepared for it.
Yeah, often I doubt all this, thinking we are just black and white shadows of a big bang, or that there are superior elements of human society which routinely walk around the corner into the waiting arms of a UFO and disappear.  I get afraid I won’t make the final cut.  But then I reconsider these hypotheses and almost virtually realize that there is rational order to the cosmos, so that if anyone is going into futuristic mode I would fit the pattern.  What basis do I have for analyzing myself as good to go?  I look at the unique and universal qualities of my psyche, coming up with assurances to myself that I must be the right kind of person.
          So what is my conception of reality?  Well, I rule out creation of the universe by God or gods, and the big bang, because this is truly illogical and doesn’t explain the complex phenomena that is everywhere in life.  If I were to come up with a logical cosmology it would have to be that in the beginning there was one infinite set of animate beings that composed the world.  These living entities ranged from an extremely large number of life forms.  For example, they may be silicon based life, life made of stars or creatures made of rock.  It would explain what we usually think of as inanimate things as by products of the different properties of this varied set.
          Further, it is important to realize that the immense variation in types of life would create a lot of different observable objects that may seem organic or inorganic, but would more clearly be differentiated in terms of this cosmology.  Interestingly enough, I could well imagine cosmic machinery which would be inanimate or animate, originating from the animate life.  Consequently you could well imagine the true nature of a ufo!


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