Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Comment on CIA Article

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As best I could put it, some clarification on modern life is needed here. Human beings are hardwired as an advanced lifeform. Existential angst, like cosmology derived from physics or creationism, was weeded out with the cold war, especially the new cold war! Though there is a conflict between positivistic and negativistic forces in our society, the real idea is to have faith good will win out. That's where the CIA comes in. The Agency is hardwired as positivists to save all that is good and true in life...they are ultimately futurists interested in bringing us to the stars and beyond, and preserving a universal order manifested by American life both national and international.
In truth, the behaviorists are wrong, people, as all living things are endowed with a cosmic blueprint...I'll save the rest for my NY Times bestseller.

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