Tuesday, September 27, 2011

China - Officers Suspended in Sex Slave Case - NYTimes.com

China - Officers Suspended in Sex Slave Case - NYTimes.com
The plight of enslaved girls forced into performing sex on the internet is highlighted in this brief article. The next time you delve into the pornographic side of cyberspace, if you are a respectable citizen or human being, you should take this into consideration.
I am an open-minded free spirit, but ultimately a positivist. I have many theories on how criminals generally justify yin yang behavior, but I know there's a line crossed in the case of sex slaves where there is no chi at all. Very bad. You see, one of my theories runs along the lines whereby life can be a debilitating activity, but somehow we all have to tough it out and find a tomorrow that's futuristic in varying degrees, as per the individual. Therefore we must never lose sight of the ethical high ground. The chi point is that there is a vast range of negative behavior, but ultimately the light must outshine the dark...redemption in finding true order in the cosmos and your own cosmic fate.
     The problem with sexual slavery, I believe, is that it lowers humans into some sort of penultimate hellish dimension. To human traffickers I say, wake up and smell the humanism.
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