Thursday, September 22, 2011

Evidence of Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos Puzzles Scientists -

Evidence of Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos Puzzles Scientists - 
Someday, maybe very soon, particles or spaceships traveling faster than light speed will be the norm. The problem with Einstein physics is that it has its origins in 1905, when there were very few if any profound thinkers. I am convinced the accuracy of modern science is some half way measure whose success is more the result of fitting parts of the puzzle of reality together only as a result of the human mind being hardwired to be extremely advanced.  It is only an approximation of real penultimate hi-tech, though oddly enough one can find solace in the fact that today's technology is partly futuristic  Again, this only works to a certain extent because reality is infinitely complicated, leaving present scientists with a low order use of our resources. Perhaps a good analogy is the idea that the human mind is only using a small percentage of it's capability, though I don't doubt the ability of the average person to be part of the rational mainstream.
Further, if you read the New York Times article in the link on the top of this page, you might get excited by the fact that the empirical experiment observing faster than light travel may be concrete proof, as opposed to purely mental speculation, that the world really has more to it then commonly thought. Personally, whether it's rationalism or empiricism, I get something out of it. It's just that I've long maintained the world is infinite in nature, more like science fiction turned fact as opposed to the big bang or creationism.
When I say reality is infinite in nature, I don't mean in the sense of Hiesenburg's Uncertainty Principle. I mean I can only conceptualize in terms of a personal cosmology outlined in a piece I wrote in this blog, big brother's ultra state, called "Don't Worry About Those UFOs Around the Corner!" But I do like empirical experiments that propel low level hi-tech because it's still hi-tech which is reaching for the infinite future, a place and dimension we may see in our lifetimes.

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